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Photo Credit: Shai Halevy via Israel Antiquities Authority

2,000 Year Old Street-Side Podium Uncovered in Jerusalem

Was This the Temple Era ‘Stone of Claims’?

Photo Credit: Shai Halevy via Israel Antiquities Authority

An intriguing find consisting of an impressive pyramid-shaped staircase constructed of large ashlar stones was uncovered, in an archaeological excavation still being conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The excavation is located in the Jerusalem Walls National Park in the City of David, site of ancient Jerusalem, and is being carried out in cooperation with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the City of David Foundation.

Dozens of whole pottery vessels, stone vessels and glassware were found at the foot of the pyramid-shaped staircase.

According to archaeologists Nahshon Szanton and Dr. Joe Uziel, who direct of the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, “The structure exposed is unique.”

Read the extended article to find out what makes it so unique.

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