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30 Years: From Soviet Prisoner to Leading The Jewish People From Jerusalem

30 years ago today famous Soviet “Refusenik,” Natan “Anatoly” Sharansky, was released from prison and allowed to immigrate to Israel. He has continued to fight for freedom and the Jewish People, based out of Israel’s historic and eternal capital, Jerusalem.

Photo Credit: The Jewish Agency for Israel [License]

30 years after Glienicke Bridge

By Rachel Sharansky Danziger, Natan Sharansky’s daughter who was born and raised in Jerusalem

Thirty years ago today, my father, Natan Sharansky, crossed a bridge.

The bridge was Glienicke Bridge, of Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies” fame. When my father walked onto it he was a prisoner in the Soviet block, though a free man in spirit. He found freedom on the day he stopped hiding his opinions. He earned freedom as he fought for his right to be a Jew in Israel, and for his fellow Russians’ human rights. He preserved it as the KGB imprisoned his body, trying and failing to force him to recant.

After nine years of imprisonment, my father stepped off Glienicke Bridge, and became a free man in body as well.

He finally left the USSR behind him, and had my mother, and Israel, ahead.

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