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Illustrative Photo: Israel Defense Forces [License]

Peace in Jerusalem Threatened by Muslim Support of Violence and Terrorists

New poll conducted by a Muslim organization based out of Judea & Samaria shows that Muslim Arabs overwhelmingly support violence over diplomacy.

Most don’t even support the so-called “moderate” leader of the “Palestinian” Authority, preferring the leader of the terrorist organization, Hamas.

Illustrative Photo: Israel Defense Forces [License]

The recently released quarterly Palestinian Public Opinion Poll yielded “very frightening and pessimistic results” according to Khalil Shikaki, Director of the “Palestinian” Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah.

Focused on confrontations between Israelis and “Palestinians” since October, 1,270 people were interviewed to assess the “Palestinian” outlook in four categories: First, confidence in the “Palestinian” domestic position (including Abbas, Fatah, and Hamas); second, the Israeli-“Palestinian” confrontations; third, whether the two-state solution is still considered relevant; and fourth, whether “Palestinians” should abandon the Oslo Accords.

“Palestinian” confidence in their leaders is the area Mr. Shikaki found most alarming. Twenty-five percent of the “Palestinians” surveyed believe that Abbas is serious about dismantling the Oslo Accords. Abbas garners only 31 percent support. Currently, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh would win 10 percentage points over Abbas, where previously he led by only 5 percentage points. This represents a major reduction in Abbas’ popularity among “Palestinians.”

Another trend reflected in the data was the broad “Palestinian” support for violence against Israelis, with young adults as the biggest supporters of the violence. Respondents between the ages of 18 and 22 showed a 72 percent support for violence, compared to 70 percent during the second intifada and 57 percent support just three months ago.

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