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  • Muslims Invade Gates of Mercy on Temple Mount (IsraelUnwired.com)
    Here’s the real story of what’s going on in Jerusalem! Note that the actual double gate known as the Gates of Mercy were bricked up many centuries ago and remain sealed. The area of the Temple Mount adjacent to the gate is comprised of several buildings — this is the area being discussed. Videos are available in the original article.

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis [License]

    Muslims Invade Gates of Mercy on Temple Mount

    Article Courtesy: Israel Unwired

    Muslims escalated their battle to control the Temple Mount this week in illegally invading the ancient “Bab el-Rahma,” otherwise known for centuries as the Golden Gate or “Shaar Harachamim”, Gates of Mercy, in Hebrew.

    Friday Invasion

    Hundreds of Arab rioters arrived Friday for Friday prayers on the Temple Mount, broke through the gates and entered the Sha’ar HaRachamim (Gates of Mercy) compound on the Mount.
    They called for incitement against the Jews and broke into a compound that had been closed for 16 years by Israel’s Supreme Court, since it was found out that the terrorist organization Hamas was using the compound. Their screams say it all “with spirit and blood we will redeem Al-Aqsa”.

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  • New U.S. Congresswoman :: Anti-Semitic, Anti-Jerusalem, Anti-Reality
    Various leaders of the Democratic Party in the United States continue to spiral out of control on the topics of Jews, Jerusalem and reality. Is this always the case? Certainly not. Is this the direction that the party will continue to move in? We certainly hope not! However, one of the new up-and-coming Democrat Congresswomen, Ilhan Omar, has made her rants and claims quite obvious. She is not just opposed to recognizing Israel’s ancient and eternal connections to its capital of Jerusalem. She has insisted on posting anti-Semitic statements and has gone so far as to demonstrate her disconnection from reality! And, she’s not the only one. This article explains more…

    Democrats allowing Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic rhetoric to be standard-bearer for the party

    Article Courtesy: Fox News

    Rep. Ilhan Omar sparked outrage Sunday from both Democrats and Republicans after asserting on Twitter that U.S. support for Israel is based on monetary support from Jewish groups, especially AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

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  • UN Visits Israel’s Ancient Roots in Jerusalem
    Ambassadors from the United Nations took a field trip to the City of David archaeological excavations in Jerusalem. They viewed, first hand, the undeniable history of the Jewish Nation in Jerusalem. What will they say now? Is there any chance that they will recognize reality?

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Ian Scott [License]

    UN Ambassadors Visit City of David in Jerusalem with Israel’s Danny Danon

    Article Courtesy: Jewish Press

    Forty United Nations Ambassadors from around the globe visited the City of David in ancient Jerusalem on Friday (Feb. 1) as the guests of Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon.
    The Ambassadors toured the 3,000-year-old archaeological excavations of ancient Jerusalem together with Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, Israel Prize Recipient and Founder of the City of David Foundation David Be’eri and Vice-President of City of David Foundation Doron Spielman.
    The visit comes just weeks after the United States and Israel left the The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) over its ongoing anti-Israel bias and denial of the historical connection of ancient Jerusalem to Jews and Christians.

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  • Pro-Israel Democrats — What Would This Mean For Jerusalem?
    It’s no secret… The past few years have been some rocky ones for Israel’s relationship with some of the Democratic party representatives. They have made claims and demands regarding Israel that are not based in reality and threaten Israel’s survival. On that note, there’s this story of pro-Israel Democrats that want to change the current reality. What will this mean for Israel’s capital of Jerusalem? Will these Democratic party representatives fight for TRUTH? Will they support Jerusalem as the unified eternal capital of Israel?

    Illustrative Jerusalem City Center Photo Credit: israeltourism [License]

    Leading Democrats launch group to counter Israel disenchantment on the left

    Article Courtesy: JTA.org

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — Prominent Democrats are launching a pro-Israel group to counter a drift away from Israel on the party’s left.
    The Democratic Majority for Israel will be led by Mark Mellman, a longtime Democratic Party pollster who has been active in the pro-Israel community.
    “Our mission at Democratic Majority for Israel is to strengthen the pro-Israel tradition of the Democratic Party, fight for Democratic values and work within the progressive movement to advance policies that ensure a strong U.S.-Israel relationship,” Mellman said in a release he sent JTA.

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  • Israel Prevents Spread of Terrorist Ideology in Jerusalem
    Israel has spent several decades trying to allow and even encourage the Arab citizens of Jerusalem to form their peaceful niche in society. Unfortunately, their leadership consistently steers them toward radical ideologies and terrorism by propagating discontent and “refugee-ism.” The United Nations has been a central component to the methods used by the terrorists to spread their evil beliefs and lies. They have long used UNWRA schools to breed the next generation of terrorists through their evil indoctrination. This is straight out child abuse perpetrated by the Islamic extremist leadership and must be stopped. Israel can’t afford to continue this dangerous course and must take the reins. There is only one Jerusalem and every citizen of Israel’s capital deserves a fair chance — a chance at a quality and peaceful education in order to better themselves and remove themselves the dead-end concept of “refugee-ism.”

    Illustrative Photo Credit: The Israel Project [License]

    Israel Revokes Permits for UNRWA Schools in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Jewish Voice

    According to reports by Hadashot TV news on Saturday, Israel National Security Council has decided that starting next school year, permits to UNRWA schools will be revoked.
    UNRWA, short for, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees in the Near East, works for the UN to provide education, health care and social services to Palestinian Arabs living Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria, as well as Jerusalem. They are mostly funded by European countries and the United States, receiving millions of dollars from multiple countries.
    Hadashot TV news said the decision to revoke the permits came after United States President Trump announced that the US will be cutting close to $300 million from the agency.
    Former Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat proposed to expel UNRWA from Jerusalem. Instead, the Jerusalem Municipality would provide health, education, welfare and sanitation services to all the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

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  • “Palestinian Authority” Can’t Keep Their Lies About Jerusalem Straight
    The thing about lying all of the time is that you need to keep track of all of your deceptions. That is exactly the difficulty faced by the extremist Muslims who consistently lie about Jerusalem and Israel. They just can’t face the TRUTH about Israel’s eternal unified capital of Jerusalem!

    Illustrative photo of a northern neighborhood of Jerusalem. Photo Credit: BDNEGIN [License]

    The Palestinian Authority’s Contradictory Claims about Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Mosaic Magazine

    Since 2011, the Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas has been pursuing a status of “internationalization,” in which the PA seeks to join various international bodies as the “state of Palestine” and then file lawsuits against Israel. Currently, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)—which, for technical reasons, is the body doing the suing—has one complaint before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and another before the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Avi Bell notes that the claims it makes in the two courts regarding the status of Jerusalem contradict each other:

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  • Record numbers of world travelers visit Israel’s capital of Jerusalem
    Jerusalem has always been the most important place on earth for the Jewish Nation. However, the statistics also show that Israel’s capital is the fastest-growing destination city for tourists from around the globe. Come check out this most special city and find out why it’s so popular!

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Paul Arps [License]

    Jerusalem is fastest-growing tourism destination in world

    Article Courtesy: Israel21C

    Jerusalem is the fastest-growing tourism destination among 100 cities, and is expected by the end of the year to break its own record by achieving a 38 percent growth in tourism. Israel’s capital city had a 32% tourism growth rate in 2017.

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  • The world continues to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital
    It’s taking longer than it should. It’s taking longer than we would hope. However, it is happening. The world is slowly recognizing the facts of history, the realities of the present and the glorious future of Jerusalem. Despite all of the lies and terrorism, the TRUTH about Jerusalem’s place as Israel’s eternal unified capital is shining through the darkness. We need to continue our quest to SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem. Please help by sharing the TRUTH and never backing down in the face of lies and evil!

    Illustrative photo credit: Joachim Tuns [License]


    Article Courtesy: Jerusalem Post

    Israel and Honduras recently held talks about the possibility of the Latin American country moving its embassy to Jerusalem, but the Honduran government still needs to make a decision, a senior diplomatic official said on Tuesday.
    The comments come amid local reports in Honduras that senior officials have expressed a willingness in making the move.

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  • The Tragedies that befell Jerusalem in the month of Tevet

    The Jewish month of Tevet contains several days of mourning and historical importance for Jerusalem. The tragedies that began the destruction of Jerusalem and exile of the ancient Israelites have their roots in this month… Article Courtesy: Temple Institute Three Days in Tevet: The 9th: The Passing of Ezra and Nechemiah The ninth of Tevet […]

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  • First Ever Photos of Jerusalem?

    These very well could be the first photographs ever taken of Jerusalem. They are from 1844 and were apprently taken by Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, a French traveler and photographer. Much like other travelers over the centuries had documented, these photos show a desolate city and barren surroundings — especially compared to all of the major cities around the world during the same time period. Note the lack of a significant population or development, unlike the constant barrage of lies that are constantly spread by the “palestinian authority” about their supposed deep-rooted history here. Of note is that these photos were taken just before the miraculous return of the Jewish Nation from exile to their homeland in Israel. Over the following years Jerusalem flourished as Israel regained sovereignty… Please help us SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

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