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Jerusalem tonight...

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GOD BLESS ISRAEL! From Philippines

Pesach Sameach.

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Full steam ahead for the Israeli elections!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 9 April 2019, millions of Israelis will head to the voting booths to exercise their democratic right to elect Israel's next government by posting a paper slip into a kalpi, or ballot box. The Bible Lands Museum also has its own ballot box, several thousand years older than those in Israel’s voting stations. In fact, it's Israel's most ancient ballot box. But first, we need to explain the origins of the word kalpi.

In the description of the High Priest's service on the Day of Atonement, a goat is chosen to be sacrificed in the Temple, and another is sent to Azazel ("hell") in the desert: “He shook the urn (kalpi) and brought up the two lots. On one was inscribed: ‘For God’ and on the other: ‘For Azazel.’”(Mishnah, Tractate Yoma 4:1). This is the origin of the use of kalpi in contemporary Israeli elections.

But what was the origin of the word kalpi used in the Mishna? It turns out that this word was borrowed from Greek and referred to a type of urn that was used in lotteries. Similar pots were also used for other purposes, such as burying the ashes of people who had been cremated. Burying ashes in urns was a particularly popular practice in ancient Athens.

The Phoenicians, residents of the Lebanese coast and prosperous merchants who embarked on trading missions throughout the Mediterranean, often visited Greek shores and evidently adopted the practice of cremation and burying ashes in urns, as well as a derivative of the word kalpi: "kalev".
The kalpi at the Bible Lands Museum is a Phoenician burial urn from the eighth century BCE, with the word "KALEV" written in black. The color has faded over the years, and now only fragments of the letters can be seen between the horizontal stripes that decorate the urn. On their left an inscription can be seen, recording the name of the deceased: Garthmelech, priestess of Astarte.

So the kalpi that originally marked the end of life became a kalpi that will determine our life in the future. Maybe we should take its story as a warning to choose wisely!

*Please note: The museum will be closed on Election Day tomorrow. *
Pictured: A Phoenician burial urn – the most ancient in Israel – from the Bible Lands Museum collection
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2 weeks ago

Just in time for Israels elections...  Jerusalems most ancient ballot box!
That’s right, Israel has finally found something that it’s really bad at...
Come visit Jerusalem and see for yourself!

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I’m sure that may be the same otherwise, talking about sinagogas in the Arab world 😱😱😱I’m hope y’all realize I’ve been sarcastic




BREAKING: After 37 years since he went missing in the First Lebanon War, the body of Sgt. Zachary Baumel has been recovered by the the IDF in an undercover mission and returned to Israel for burial.

What an emotional time for the Baumel family, the families of the other MIAs, and the people of Israel.

Yona Baumel, Zachary's father, passed away in 2009 without knowing the fate of his son.

May the Baumel family at last find some comfort knowing that Zachary is finally home.

****The Battle of Sultan Yacoub****

During the First Lebanon War on June 11, 1982, Israeli troops engaged Syrian forces in the Lebanese village of Sultan Yacoub who had come to halt the IDF advance.

The Israeli forces found themselves surrounded and fought their way out in one of the fiercest battles in the war, losing 30 soldiers and eight tanks.

During the battle, five Israeli soldiers went missing. Several years later, two of the five missing soldiers were returned to Israel in a prisoner exchange – but the remaining three, Zachary Baumel, Zvi Feldman, and Yehuda Katz, remained missing.

Shortly after the battle, a Time Magazine correspondent reported that the Syrian army paraded three captured Israeli soldiers through the streets of Damascus – but this information was never corroborated.

Over the years, Arab officials have hinted to possessing information about the whereabouts of the three soldiers, but have been unwilling to cooperate further.

Today, the body of Zachary Baumel was returned to Israel, but Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz are still MIA.

May they return speedily to their families and friends.
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2 weeks ago

Sgt. Baumel will finally be laid to rest today in Jerusalem. The people of Israel will gather at Har Herzl, the national military cemetery in Jerusalem, to pay respects to Sgt. Baumel and his family.  It is a bitter sweet day for Israel after 37 painful years.

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May he rest in Peace....

Yes, ti is. Aut his spirit and soul have always been in Israel, where his family still resides and where the people of Israel give their heard-fealt graditute for a life lives with meaning.

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By Dr Reuven Berko

If one sign that the messiah is coming is the appearance of supernatural phenomena, then given the situation in Jerusalem we are on the eve of his arrival. Oddly enough, it is precisely around the sealed Gate of Mercy on the Temple Mount that a series of mishaps have recently occurred that suggest the messiah might also pass through on his donkey. This despite the fact that the Arabs placed a graveyard at the entrance to the site to prevent priests from entering – and that the messiah is not a priest.

The structure directly adjacent to the Gate of Mercy served as a college for Islamic studies until it was closed by the police in 2003 due to Hamas and Islamic Movement activity – financed by Turkey – there. The court order to shut the site down has since played into the hands of both the Palestinian Authority and the Jordanians, who recognize how Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is acting to undermine them and other Arab regimes and have therefore accepted the closure with “passive” understanding.

Following the clumsy break-in to the site, waqf officials and Jordanian representatives are trying to explain just where they have been for the 16 years in which the site remain shuttered. The reopening of the site did not in fact result in a change to the status quo on the matter, but the waqf’s position has raised Palestinian concerns and reflects an insolent attitude toward Israel.

The structure has never served as a mosque. It has no prayer niche and is designed as a portico due to its purpose as an entrance gate. “Drunk on victory,” the motivation of the Jordanians and the Palestinians continues to resonate. The questions that should be asked then are: What is the practical value of the structure in the context of the question of sovereignty and control over the Temple Mount? To what extent has Israeli deterrence and sovereignty in Jerusalem been harmed? Is there a point to returning the situation to its prior status through negotiations, and what is the likelihood of that happening? And what are the odds of, and what price will we pay for, forcefully working toward this goal?

To answer these questions, one must understand the Palestinians’ incentive on the Temple Mount. The Palestinians have never had a state, and Jerusalem has never served as their capital. Their demand to establish a capital, by exploiting the Al-Aqsa mosque, seeks to smash Israel and Zionism’s national, historical and religious legitimacy. The gaining of footholds on the Mount (Solomon’s Stables, the Huldah Gates and the Gate of Mercy) is aimed at turning Al-Aqsa into leverage in their demand for a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem.

Ever since the Oslo Accords, the Palestinians have increasingly held to the illusion that seizing Jerusalem as “their capital,” through a takeover of Al-Aqsa, will lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state at the expense of both Jordan and Israel, allowing them to kill two birds with one stone: The Jordanians would lose religious legitimacy and implode and the Israelis will lose their religious and national compass as the grounds for their sovereign existence in Zion.

The artificial noise at the mosque was aimed at illustrating how Jerusalem remains a “burning issue” and is far from a done deal. But every Muslim child knows that no religious site in an Islamic city makes it a capital. Mecca and Medina did not become the capitals of Saudi Arabia. Even Jordan, which controlled Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967, did not make the city its capital. One should not assume that the Americans will buy into this foolishness. And the Jordanians? Woe to their inclinations. The Jordanian crown is subject to restlessness at home, where there is a demand to change the constitution so that the monarchy is representative, like in England, in a country in which a majority of the population is Palestinian. That is why they dream in Jordan of the Palestinians in the West Bank being stuck with us, in the model of a weakened state. They understand that, if established, a Palestinian state would threaten them both at home and outside the country’s borders.

As a result, while the Jordanians are “for,” they are also “against.” Absent a response to the Palestinians’ fantasies, including in Jerusalem, “Palestine” will not be established, and Jordan will become an “alternative homeland.”

As an expression of the dilemma, the Jordanians have created a joint front with the Palestinians, through the preservation of a Jordanian majority on the Waqf Council. King Abdullah understands that if the Hashemite dynasty cedes control over managing Al-Aqsa, which was agreed upon with Israel, the throne will lose its religious legitimacy. They have not forgotten that the Palestinians tried to take control of Jordan and kick out the royal family in the 1970s. This understanding is the motivation for the joint Israeli-Jordanian coordination on the Temple Mount.

As for us, we should keep the Arab parable that “we have come to eat grapes, not kill the guard” in mind. We must emphasize that the joint Jordanian-Palestinian move will not lead to Jerusalem’s division but rather a Jordanian-Palestinian confederation, with Amman as its capital.
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1 month ago

Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!
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2 months ago


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What is wrong with Teheran and Baghdad ??

Move those mosques to Mecca!

At the end of the day, Jews ,Muslims andChristians inhabit this little but Holy land . It is what is taught in Religious Institutions that matter.. If it is observance of humane laws and living peacefully with one’s neighbors, can you imagine the possibilities . There’ s one G/d. The Same G/d who singled us out to become His nation. He will resolve what we cannot. Hold tight to our fellow Jews , We have many concepts and ideas who we are . We are brothers to the end. We are supposed to be antagonistic as brothers, but unified. In unity brings success and closeness to our Source. Each one is a treasure whatever you are holding. In conclusion, we are always hated by other nations even if it a baseless hatred . Get used to it Children of Israel . When we argue continuously , we debase ourselves.Let the BDS make mockery of themselves . Have you noticed that Israel is thriving . May we bless those nations that accept us and those that do not, pray for them. Am Yisrael Chai🙏🖖🇸🇻

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2 months ago

Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

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They still haven’t been. No real country, no real people. “Palestinians” are about as real as Hobbits and Munchkins; maybe slightly less so.

Arafat's sudden invention of "Palestinian arabs" in the 1960s was and is totally bogus. No such thing.

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