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Terrorism knows no bounds :: The Difference Between Barcelona and Jerusalem

Question: What’s the difference between today’s terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain and the terrorist attacks that have hit Jerusalem, Israel? Answer: Nothing! Terrorism knows no bounds! The same ideology that drives Islamic terrorists to kill men, women and children in Jerusalem is the same ideology that reared its ugly head in Barcelona a few hours ago. It is imperative that we squash any justification of terrorism wherever it shows itself. Don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking that the “palestinians” try to set. Their terrorists are driven by the same sick ideology – it’s never about land or peace negotiations. This is why the world must stand strong and support Israel’s unified, eternal capital — Jerusalem! We send our thoughts and prayers to the injured and families of the murdered victims in Spain!

Aritcle Courtesy: TheJC.com

Van attack outside kosher restaurant in Barcelona

A van has been driven into a crowd of pedestrians close to one of Barcelona’s kosher restaurants, with police confirming that a number of people have been killed or injured. The incident – confirmed by police as a terrorist attack – took place shortly after 5pm local time (3pm GMT).

According to Spanish police, a white van mounted the pedestrianised area that runs along the centre of the crowded La Rambla boulevard and struck several people. Spanish news site La Vanguardia describes the van as having “zig-zagged down the road”. It eventually halted outside the Maccabi kosher restaurant, with the driver then fleeing on foot.

Some eyewitnesses reported hearing gunshots.

Early reports suggested that two people had died, but local media later revised the death toll to “at least 13”. The number of victims has not been officially confirmed.

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