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Photo: Hodaya Asulin, published with permission of family

Child Victim of Islamic Terrorism in Jerusalem Passes Away After 7 Year Battle

This morning Jerusalem mourns the loss of the precious soul of a young girl who was a victim of a Muslim terrorist bombing nearly seven years ago. Fourteen-year-old Hodaya Asulin was on her way home from school with a friend when the terrorist’s bomb ripped through a bus stop in the middle of Jerusalem in 2011. This is the way that the terrorists treat the holy city that they claim to hold so dear. With your help, it is our goal to bring peace, sanctity and justice to Jerusalem. We will never allow terrorism and lies to take hold of Israel’s eternal unified capital of Jerusalem. Please pray for Hodaya’s soul, please pray for Jerusalem and please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

Photo: Hodaya Asulin, published with permission of family

Girl injured in 2011 bombing passes away

Article Courtesy: Arutz7

Hodaya (Odelia) Nechama Asulin from Mevo Horon, who was critically wounded seven years ago in a terrorist attack near a bus stop near Binyanei Ha’uma on Sderot’s Shazar Boulevard, passed away.

In 2011, a Muslim named Hussein Ali Hassan al-Qawasmi left a bomb at a bus stop in Binyanei Hauma adjacent to the kiosk. A tourist was killed and 68 civilians were wounded, including Asulin, who was 14. The murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment and another 60 years in prison.

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3 days ago

A good laugh heals a lot of hurts...

Did you know that Jerusalem is mentioned in the Islamic Quran (Koran) exactly ZERO times, while it is mentioned in the Jewish Tanach (Bible) 669 times!

h/t: Boomerang - Fighting for Israel for the cartoon


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