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Jerusalem: The Facts and Archaeology

Israel, Occult and Jerusalem’s Holy Temple

Article & Images Courtesy: Kevin Bermeister

Over the past 12 years I have repeatedly visited Jerusalem’s City of David, often as frequently as 5 or 6 times each year. I have extensively studied the mountain on which it is located and continue to do so. I am fascinated by the evolving nature of discovery as excavations, especially at my favorite site, the oldest on the mountain continue to reveal amazing secrets of its past.

I have come to experience, through a review of Jewish history as influenced by archaeology that my imaginative realization is increasingly complete. Notwithstanding departures from varying opinions, I find myself defending the past from distortion. Perhaps my ambition deters me, but I am compelled by a certain responsibility to push forward regardless.

This article discusses the background, archaeology and ends with some significant conclusions. Read the extended article for more

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Watch: Today Israel celebrates Jerusalem day. This incredible compilation of stunning Jerusalem moments shows exactly why it’s such an amazing and special place

2 days ago

Continuing to mourn a national catastrophe almost 2,000 years after its occurrence reveals the type of collective memory capable of returning an exiled people home

3 days ago

For the Jewish People, today is a solemn day of fasting (17th day of Tammuz) - it commemorates the day that the Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago.  Jerusalem had been the capital city of the Jewish Nation and this was a national catastrophe.  Since that time, Jews around the world mark the day with prayer, fasting from eating and drinking and they look forward to our return to Jerusalem.

Jews praying at the Western Wall. One of the first photos taken of Jews at the holiest site in Judaism. 1870, by Félix Bonfils.

4 days ago

The world can try to deny the truth but they can never make their lies into the truth!

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