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Illustrative Photo Credit: Peter Mulligan [License]

Israel Working to Recognize ‘Defenders of Jerusalem’

Recognizing the importance of Jerusalem and the vicious attacks on Israeli sovereignty, the Jerusalem and Heritage Minister has been working on a crucial project. It’s a project that works to educate the world about the facts and history of Jerusalem and its importance to the Jewish Nation. As part of this project, the minister is creating an award to recognize the “Defenders of Jerusalem.” This article explains more…

Illustrative Photo Credit: Peter Mulligan [License]

Israel launches new plan to ‘defend Jerusalem’ in international arena

Aritcle Courtesy: Times of Israel

The Israeli government is launching a new plan to “defend Jerusalem in the international arena,” Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Ze’ev Elkin announced Monday.

Addressing a conference for Christian journalists in the capital, Elkin said Jerusalem was under “an unprecedented assault,” pointing to recent resolutions passed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that ignored the Jewish people’s link to the city.

Together with the Foreign Ministry, Elkin said his office was committed to “prepare, budget and lead” a project to defend Jerusalem from various historical distortions.

“The plan will include visits to Jerusalem of influencers from diverse fields and nations, who will be exposed directly to the past and present of this wondrous city, and will be able to take part in the holy task of defending its future,” he said.

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1 day ago

A good laugh heals a lot of hurts...

Did you know that Jerusalem is mentioned in the Islamic Quran (Koran) exactly ZERO times, while it is mentioned in the Jewish Tanach (Bible) 669 times!

h/t: Boomerang - Fighting for Israel for the cartoon

Today the Jewish Ethiopian community of Israel gathered together in Jerusalem to celebrate the traditional Sigd holiday.

Sigd is observed each year on the 29th day of MarCheshvan, fifty days following Yom Kippur. This year, however, the holiday was observed on the 27th of MarCheshvan, as the 29th falls on Shabbat.

The Sigd holiday symbolizes a reaffirmation of Israels covenant with G-d, and, traditionally, an expression of longing to return to Jerusalem and the Holy Temple. Before ascending to Israel, a process that has proceeded over the past four decades, (and still remains to be completed), the Jewish communities in Ethiopia would observe Sigd by assembling on a nearby mountaintop, facing the direction of Jerusalem. The day would begin in solemn fasting and prayer, accompanied by reading from the Torah, and conclude with a breaking of the fast and a festive meal enjoyed by all.

Today, the national observation of the holiday takes place on the Armon HaNatziv Promenade, which overlooks the Temple Mount. Tradition holds that it was from this point that Avraham first saw Mount Moriah after G-d had directed him to make an offering of his son Yitzchak on the mountaintop.

Today the Ethiopian community is joined by fellow Israelis who come together to celebrate the holiday with prayers and a festive meal, music and dance.


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