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U.S. President and Israeli Prime Minister Discuss Jerusalem, Shared Values & Cooperation

United States President Donald Trump hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House yesterday. They spent a good deal of time discussing many topics, including Israel’s capital — Jerusalem. They discussed the long-standing friendship between both the U.S. and Israel as well as Trump and Netanyahu, personally. Fighting militant Islamic extremism was one of the common threads than ran through their discussion about the many topics that so deeply affect the U.S., Israel and the entire world. One of the important points discussed was with regards to the so-called “Two-State Solution” versus “One-State Solution.” President Trump made it clear that his administration will not pressure Israel toward any specific peace deal – rather, he prefers whatever solution is agreed upon by both Israel and the Arabs. Clarifying this, PM Netanyahu explained that “Rather than deal with labels, I want to deal with substance…” He went on to describe the two important pre-requisites upon which any peace agreement must be based: The Arabs must recognize Israel as the Jewish State, stopping the call for Israel’s destruction; and “Israel must retain over-riding security control of the entire area west of the Jordan River” in order to ensure Israel’s security. President Trump also noted that he would love to see the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem.

You can see the full press conference here

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3 days ago

Wishes for a peaceful Shabbat from Israels unified, eternal capital -- Jerusalem

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Shabbat Shalom ~

4 days ago

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We've prayed to see this for so long! Beautiful Allies, Faithful Friends! Jeremiah 17:9 Those who wait upon the LORD . . . .!!!


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