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Next Year in Jerusalem (Bassem Eid)

These words, from a Muslim Arab who was born and raised in Jerusalem, will change your view of Israel’s unified, eternal capital!

Photo Credit: Emmanuel DYAN [License]

Next Year in Jerusalem
By: Bassem Eid*
I was born in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, under Jordanian occupation. In June 1966, the Jordanian government decided to evacuate 500 Palestinian families, including my family, from the Jewish quarter and to relocate them to Shuafat Refugee Camp, with no clear reason as to why they did so.
One day before the onset of the 1967 ‘6-Day’ War, I arrived from the Shuafat Refugee Camp to the Old City of Jerusalem, to visit my aunt. The following day, the war had begun and I was 9 years old and stuck at my aunt’s house. I heard shooting and asked my aunt ‘what’s going on?’ She said, it is a war between the Arabs and the Jews. I said, ‘what is a Jew? Are they human beings like us?’ She said no, they eat human beings. I became very afraid.
Three days into the war, I started hearing in Arabic, via loudspeakers that anyone who wants food, he can go to a specific point where we are distributing food. My aunt asked me if I want to go and bring food? I said no way, they will eat me. She said I will not send you alone I will send you with the neighbors children. Then I went with the neighbors and I found Israeli soldiers, distributing bread, tomatoes and milk. I carried as much as I could and came back to my aunt’s house. I understood the Israeli soldiers were not like the witch in the children’s tale of ‘Hansel and Gretel,’ where they would fatten the kids before cooking them. I realized that my aunt was a liar and that this was no fairy tale.

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The Temple Institute

Muslims use Ramadan closure of Temple Mount to Jews to get rid of dirt containing artifacts precious to Jews – apparently forever.

The Muslim Waqf has made use of the closure of the Temple Mount to Jews during the final week of Ramadan to get rid of large mounds of dirt containing sacred and archaeologically valuable artifacts from the times of the Jewish Temples.

According to Arnon Segal writing in Makor Rishon, during the final week of the month of Ramadan, about 1,000 workers were employed to use the dirt for construction of new terraces and possible to truck part of it out of the compound to unknown locations.

The dirt was originally dug up in 1999, when the Waqf carried out large scale illegal construction on the Mount, to create a new mosque in the section of the Mount known as Solomon's Stables. At that time, 400 truckloads of archaeologically valuable dirt were evacuated and dumped into city landfills and the Kidron stream.

Eventually, the Israeli authorities intervened and the dirt that had not yet been dumped was saved. Since then, the Waqf has been planning to get rid of the mounds of dirt, which were hindering its plans for carrying out more construction and development on the east side of the Mount.

This Ramadan provided the opportunity the Waqf had been waiting for. With Jews banned from the Mount for the week that includes Eid al-Fitr – it could carry out its surreptitious plans without being noticed.

The Waqf also proceeded to erect a monument in memory of the Gazan paramedic, Razan al Najar, who was killed two weeks ago in the clashes along the Gaza border – at the location where the mounds of dirt previously stood.

The video shows the Waqf removing and destroying potentially priceless first and second Holy Yemple artifacts.
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halleluYHWH! ha'Shatan hu ha'shak'ran 🕎🇮🇱️ lo! allah lo ELOHEINU!


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This is fascinating! Thank you for posting. Quite the eye opener especially as to Muslim rejectionism and blind historical revision.

Dr. Kedar is right on point. Truth of the matter is this: the Muslims will be the ones bowing to the Jews.

God bless you Dr Kedar

no such place as palestine

halleluYHWH! lema'an Tzion lo chashah ulema'an Yerushalam lo esh'kot 🕎🇮🇱️ yesh raq Yerushalam echad :D

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