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If Jews Are Jerusalem’s Indigenous People, Where Are The Arabs From?

The Jewish Nation’s claim of sovereignty over Jerusalem is proven time and again. However, the “Palestinian” Arabs continue to pressure the world to accept their lies in the face of all of the facts. So, where then, are the Arabs from if they’re not the true indigenous people of Israel’s capital? This article gives us a wonderful insight…

Illustrative Photo Credit: Christian Haugen [License]

AP Report On East Jerusalem Arabs Contains Hints As To Their True Origins

Article Courtesy: Israellycool

The AP reports how more east Jerusalem palestinians are applying for Israeli citizenship. And while the report seems to endeavor to show both sides of the issue, it can’t hide the fact that Israeli citizenship comes with rights for the Arabs.

But there is actually another aspect of this report I wanted to focus on.

“Palestinians who have sought a passport said they had to be pragmatic.”

“I didn’t want to lose my right” to live in Jerusalem, Ruba Mueller, a descendant of the city’s prominent Nashashibi clan, said of her decision to become an Israeli.

Married to a German, the 37-year-old Jerusalem native feared that without the shield of citizenship, her extended stays in Germany would enable the Israeli authorities to strip her of her Jerusalem residency.

“I was born here, I am a Palestinian,” Mueller said. “I don’t want a visa that says I’m a tourist.”

Palestinian officials said east Jerusalem’s globally recognized status as occupied territory won’t change if more Arab residents get Israeli passports.

“The city will be liberated one day and these citizenships will mean nothing,” said Adnan Husseini, the official in charge of Jerusalem affairs in the Palestinian Authority.”

Let’s have a closer look at their origins.

The Nashashibi clan

According to Wikipedia:

“The Nashashibis are reportedly of Kurdish, Turkmen or Arab origin (as their name being the equivalent of fletcher in English may indicate). They first became notable and prominent in Jerusalem with the advent of Prince (of the army) Naser al-Din al-Nashashibi who migrated (or led a military contingent ?) to Jerusalem from Egypt in 1469 CE.”

In other words, Ruba Mueller, the woman quoted in the report and claiming she is “a palestinian,” is descended from elsewhere in the Middle East, with her ancestor reportedly migrating almost 400 years after the destruction of the second Jewish temple.

For more, please see the extended article

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