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Photo Credit: Lyman Coleman (1796-1882) (www.vampirehigh.org) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There’s Only ‘The Truth’ When it Comes to Jerusalem

In a day and age when some people try to pretend that truth is subjective, that there’s something called “your truth,” it’s important to stand up for facts and reality. Certainly, when it comes to Jerusalem there’s only “the truth” and any attempts to invent “your truth” must be challenged. Facts and reality are the basis for truth and these are our best weapons in the struggle for truth.

Photo Credit: Lyman Coleman (1796-1882) (www.vampirehigh.org) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

5 Facts That Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City Or An Arab Capital!

Article Courtesy: The Jewish Press

Let’s play a game of association.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say JERUSALEM?

If your answer was “Holy City”, then you are either Jewish or you believe in the Jewish connection to the city of Jerusalem. If you are Christian, Jerusalem is holy to you because Jesus, who was a Jew, lived there. Therefore, it is holy as the Jewish capital and the home of the two Jewish Temples that stood in Jerusalem.

If you are a Muslim, I am sure you are probably offended by the mere suggestion that Jerusalem was NEVER a Muslim holy city or an Arab capital of any kind, but since you cannot hurt me or blow me up, you’re going to have to face these historical truths and be content with writing violent reactions in the comments section below.

5 Facts To Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City 1. The Quran While Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible (Tanach) over 500 times, it is NEVER mentioned in the Quran, not once! Many Muslims claim this is a lie and claim the word Al Aqsa means Jerusalem. Al Aqsa literally means “The Farthest Mosque” and in no way does it mean Jerusalem.

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