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Hamas :: Today’s Terror Attack Was Retaliation for “Judaization of Jerusalem”

This morning Israel sufferred a horrific Islamic terrorist attack just outside of Jerusalem. A Muslim terrorist shot and killed 3 Israeli police officers and security gaurds and injured more. This attack was followed by a statement put out by the Hamas terrorist organization that is based out of Gaza. Hamas claimed that the murders were in retaliation for Israel’s “attempt to Judaize Jerusalem.” The absurdity of that claim is beyond understanding, especially when you consider that Jerusalem sits in the center of the ancient region called Judah… exactly the place where the word Judaism comes from! Yes, Judah, Judaism and Jew all come from the same root word and it’s certainly no coincidence. In Hebrew, the word for Judah is Yehuda; the word for Jews is Yehudim; and the word for Judaism is Yehadut. It’s the same reason why Arabs are called Arabs — because they come from the Arabian Peninsula. In the same way, Jews follow a religion called Judaism and are from the region called Judah! Bottom line, you can’t separate Jerusalem from Judaism or the Jewish Nation no matter what terrorist attacks you launch or how many outlandish claims you make! Israel will continue to defend Jerusalem, the entire region of Judah, the Jews and Judaism.

Photo Credit: Josh Evnin [License]

Three Israelis killed in terror attack near Jerusalem

Article Courtesy: Globes

A fourth person in the Jerusalem Hills town of Har Adar has been critically wounded by a Palestinian worker who was killed by security forces.

Three Israelis were killed this morning and a fourth Israeli was critically wounded in a terror attack in the Jerusalem Hills town of Har Adar, “Walla” reports. Initial investigations suggest that the terrorist came to the town’s rear entrance this morning along with other Palestinian workers from the West Bank and began opening fire on his victims. The terrorist was shot and killed by security forces.

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