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BREAKING: US Congressmen Experience Similar Abuse Suffered by Jews on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

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An unbelievable – and embarrassing – thing just happened on the Temple Mount, in the heart of Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem. United States Congressmen David McKinley (R) of West Virginia and Scott Tipton (R) of Colorado along with their wives were visiting Judaism’s holiest site in the world, the Temple Mount, when they were detained by the police. Exactly what was their “crime” you might ask? Picking up a small olive twig from the ground! Yes, you read that correctly… One of the gentlemen picked up a twig! Did the honorable US representatives deface property or steal something? No, not at all. In fact, the twig was laying, half dead, on the ground when one of the congressmen innocently picked it up. He had no idea that this could become an international incident, sparking the need for a police investigation and detainment.

You see, the Islamic Waqf that was granted permission by Israel to “administer” the Temple Mount since the Six Day War in 1967, feels insulted when a non-Muslim does something – anything – that they may construe as religious in nature. Exactly what does that mean practically? Well, the Muslims demand that Israeli police arrest any non-Muslim that tries to pray, bow down or even move his lips in a way that appears to be a prayer. Jews, Christians, Buddhists, atheists and all other non-Muslims are forbidden from bringing religious or non-approved objects onto the Temple Mount. No prayer book, the Bible or even something mundane like an Israeli flag or a Christian cross is allowed to be carried onto the mountain according to the Waqf (and enforced by the Israeli police). The police conduct a full search of non-Muslims who want to enter the Temple Mount, including metal detectors, X-Rays of bags and insistence on removing absolutely everything that may be construed as religious. Prior to ascending the site, police read off the “rules” where they explain the long list of things a non-Muslim is not allowed to do. Of course, Muslims are allowed to do any and all of these things. Did you know that a Jew isn’t allowed to take a sip of water on the Temple Mount, for fear that he or she may say a blessing over it? Did you also know that Muslims – and all other faiths, for that matter – are permitted to pray and bring whatever they want (aside from weapons, of course) to the Kotel (Western Wailing Wall) and everywhere else in Israel?

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He is so fool,lacking of brain


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