About One Jerusalem

When reports began emanating from the negotiations at Camp David that Jerusalem was in danger of being divided, a group of Israelis and Americans decided to mobilize international grass roots support for keeping Jerusalem united under Israeli sovereignty.

One Jerusalem immediately established a website as a central address to unite people from around the world: OneJ.org. Within a few months, hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition in support of keeping Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel.

In January of 2001, One Jerusalem held its inaugural event, the largest rally in the history of Jerusalem. More than 400,000 people filled the hills around Jerusalem’s Old City for an unprecedented demonstration of support for Israel’s beleaguered capital city, just four months after the launch of a deadly Palestinian-Arab assault against the Jewish state. The world watched as the people pledged their allegiance to the preservation of Jerusalem as the eternal, unified capital of the State of Israel, forever open to all the people of the world.

Since then, One Jerusalem has expanded across the globe by organizing rallies and educational events to promote its urgent and important message. This includes online broadcasts with One Jerusalem leaders like Ministers Natan Sharansky and Benjamin Netanyahu as well as events across the world in cities like London, Rome, New York, Miami and Memphis.

One Jerusalem has hosted educational programs through our speakers bureau and disseminates informational mailings and literature. We are increasing our educational outreach through online web casts as well as by publishing a definitive guide to Jerusalem.

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