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  • Hamas :: Today’s Terror Attack Was Retaliation for “Judaization of Jerusalem”

    This morning Israel sufferred a horrific Islamic terrorist attack just outside of Jerusalem. A Muslim terrorist shot and killed 3 Israeli police officers and security gaurds and injured more. This attack was followed by a statement put out by the Hamas terrorist organization that is based out of Gaza. Hamas claimed that the murders were in retaliation for Israel’s “attempt to Judaize Jerusalem.” The absurdity of that claim is beyond understanding, especially when you consider that Jerusalem sits in the center of the ancient region called Judah… exactly the place where the word Judaism comes from! Yes, Judah, Judaism and Jew all come from the same root word and it’s certainly no coincidence. In Hebrew, the word for Judah is Yehuda; the word for Jews is Yehudim; and the word for Judaism is Yehadut. It’s the same reason why Arabs are called Arabs — because they come from the Arabian Peninsula. In the same way, Jews follow a religion called Judaism and are from the region called Judah! Bottom line, you can’t separate Jerusalem from Judaism or the Jewish Nation no matter what terrorist attacks you launch or how many outlandish claims you make! Israel will continue to defend Jerusalem, the entire region of Judah, the Jews and Judaism.

    Photo Credit: Josh Evnin [License]

    Three Israelis killed in terror attack near Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Globes

    A fourth person in the Jerusalem Hills town of Har Adar has been critically wounded by a Palestinian worker who was killed by security forces.

    Three Israelis were killed this morning and a fourth Israeli was critically wounded in a terror attack in the Jerusalem Hills town of Har Adar, “Walla” reports. Initial investigations suggest that the terrorist came to the town’s rear entrance this morning along with other Palestinian workers from the West Bank and began opening fire on his victims. The terrorist was shot and killed by security forces.

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  • Ethiopian Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah with a call for “Next Year in Jerusalem!”

    Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) begins tomorrow evening, Wednesday, this year. It is a day of intense importance to Jews the world over. This certainly includes the Jews of Ethiopia who have reconnected with the broader Jewish community over the past few decades. An interesting facet about the Rosh Hashanah celebrations and customs of Ethiopian Jews is the central importance Jerusalem holds, despite their long separation from both the holy Jewish capital and the rest of the Jewish nation for so many centuries. Of course, the reason for this contniuned longing for Jerusalem stems from the centrality of the holy city to Judaism. All Jews carry the pure love for Jerusalem no matter where they are and irrespective of whether or not they’ve even been able to visit the city. It is therefore wonder that Jewish communities all over the world maintain such a strong connection to Jerusalem despite great distances and hardships. We wish everyone a wonderful and peaceful new year from Israel’s unified and eternal capital!

    Image for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Tribes of the World [License]

    Ethiopian Rosh Hashanah Blends Unique Customs With a Yearning for Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: The Algemeiner

    Despite relative isolation from their Jewish brethren around the world for millennia, Ethiopian Jews still observe Rosh Hashanah. Though unique, the Jewish New Year festivities in Ethiopia bear many similarities to the holiday’s observance in the broader Diaspora.

    Due to the small size of Malessa’s village in Ethiopia, not many “kessim” — elder religious leaders with knowledge of oral Jewish law and the equivalent of rabbis — resided in her home village. This meant that she did not thoroughly celebrate Rosh Hashanah, because the Ethiopian villagers were entirely dependent on the verbally disseminated wisdom of the elders, who were the only people in the village capable of reading Jewish texts written in the ancient Ge’ez dialect.

    “The kessim would read from the holy scripts in Ge’ez and tell the history of the Jewish people,” she said. “They would speak of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov, our great patriarchs and matriarchs, and the lessons we could learn from them in the present. … Most importantly, the kessim would emphasize our long-held aspiration to celebrate Rosh Hashanah ‘next year in Jerusalem.’”

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  • Jerusalem Remembers 9/11 Attacks Against Sovereignty & Freedom

    The Islamic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 were not attacks simply against buildings or even people. They were attacks against the sovereignty of a democratic nation as well as world freedom. As then President George W. Bush said on that fateful morning, “Freedom itself was attacked this morning… and freedom will be defended!” We in Israel understand the importance of these events. This is why a 9/11 memorial was built in Jerusalem and memorial ceremonies are held there annually. It is the only such memorial in the Middle East and represents Israel’s strong stance for freedom. Israel believes in democracy, peace and the sovereignty of nations. It is our mission to fight for these ideals and protect against the terrorism that threatens them. We must never allow evil to threaten justice and freedom. This is why we work so hard to educate the world about the importance of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal and united capital.

    You can watch a video of the Jerusalem 9/11 memorial event at this link.

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  • Palestinian Authority Official Arrested For Inciting Terror in Jerusalem

    Photo Credit: Andrew Reid Wildman [License]

    In a stand against Islamic terrorism, Israel arrested a senior “palestinian authority” official after he has been documented inciting terrorism against Jews in Jerusalem. He has encouraged murder on social media, making comments such as “spill blood on the Dome of the Rock,” amongst other inciteful statements. Read this article for more…

    Article Courtesy: Arutz7

    Incitement on Facebook: ‘Spill blood on the Dome of the Rock’

    IDF and Shin Bet forces arrested an Arab from the village of Beit Awwa in the South Hevron Hills on suspicions of incitement and support for a hostile organization.

    The suspect, Nagy Mohammed Alswiti, a senior employee in the office of the PA preventive security chief in Jenin, published content on Facebook in which he called for violent acts against Jews, and expressed praise and support for acts of terror.

    The suspect called on his Facebook page to “spill blood on the Dome of the Rock.”

    Likewise, the suspect published the pictures of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann, noting that he missed “people like them.”

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  • Connecting Jerusalem With the Ancient Half Shekel Coin

    This past week was marked with a flurry of articles about the discovery of a half shekel coin apparently from 2,000 years ago that was used by the ancient Israelites in Jerusalem’s Holy Temple. As it turns out, the discovery was that of a replica of the famous ancient coin. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has had children “minting” replicas of the coin as a souvenir of their visit and to drive home the importance of the holy capital city and its history for the nation. In fact, in order to avoid confusion or the appearance of trying to create forgeries, the museum has made sure to only impress one side of the coin blanks with the historical coin’s image. They leave the other side intentionally blank, making it obvious and easy for archeologists to distingish the souvenir replicas from their true originals. The importance of that coin is legendary and forever tied to the Jewish nation’s history in Jerusalem. The article below explains more about the use of the half shekel coin in the Holy Temples in Jerusalem…

    Article Courtesy: City of David

    Half Shekel Coin from the Temple Mount

    “For the first time in 2000 years, we have archaeological finds from the Temple Mount.” So began my discussion with Gabriel Barkay, a veteran archaeologist with extensive experience, who has made numerous important discoveries. Dr. Barkay won the Jerusalem Prize for Archaeology in 1996 and is one of the most important experts on archaeology in Jerusalem.

    Rubble from the Temple Mount

    “For over 150 years there have been archaeological excavations in Jerusalem, but without even one find from the Temple Mount”, says Dr. Barkay. Finding archaeological remnants from the Temple Mount only began after November 1999 when the Muslim Waqf decided to dig a massive hole in the Temple Mount, in order to build an entrance to a new prayer hall. The hole was built extremely fast, over a period of four days, and without any archaeological supervision. During the work, 400 truckloads of dirt, saturated with archaeological finds from Temple Mount, were dumped at various sites. Most of the rubble was dumped in the adjacent Kidron Valley. Zachi Dvira (Zwieg), an archaeological student at the time, made the discovery. He turned to his professor, Dr. Barkay, and together they initiated the Temple Mount Sifting Project.

    Half Shekel Coin

    To understand the importance of the half shekel coin from the Great Revolt, we should go back a few hundred years, to the commandment of the half shekel mentioned in the Bible. In the section titled “Ki Tisa”, God commands Moses to count the People of Israel by collecting a half shekel, which would be donated to the Tabernacle. “This they shall give- everyone who passes through the census- a half shekel of the sacred shekel: the shekel is twenty geras, half a shekel as a portion to Hashem” (Exodus 30:13). Payment was made through the collection of silver metal that weighed a measurement called “half a shekel”.

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  • Terrorism knows no bounds :: The Difference Between Barcelona and Jerusalem

    Question: What’s the difference between today’s terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain and the terrorist attacks that have hit Jerusalem, Israel? Answer: Nothing! Terrorism knows no bounds! The same ideology that drives Islamic terrorists to kill men, women and children in Jerusalem is the same ideology that reared its ugly head in Barcelona a few hours ago. It is imperative that we squash any justification of terrorism wherever it shows itself. Don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking that the “palestinians” try to set. Their terrorists are driven by the same sick ideology – it’s never about land or peace negotiations. This is why the world must stand strong and support Israel’s unified, eternal capital — Jerusalem! We send our thoughts and prayers to the injured and families of the murdered victims in Spain!

    Aritcle Courtesy: TheJC.com

    Van attack outside kosher restaurant in Barcelona

    A van has been driven into a crowd of pedestrians close to one of Barcelona’s kosher restaurants, with police confirming that a number of people have been killed or injured. The incident – confirmed by police as a terrorist attack – took place shortly after 5pm local time (3pm GMT).

    According to Spanish police, a white van mounted the pedestrianised area that runs along the centre of the crowded La Rambla boulevard and struck several people. Spanish news site La Vanguardia describes the van as having “zig-zagged down the road”. It eventually halted outside the Maccabi kosher restaurant, with the driver then fleeing on foot.

    Some eyewitnesses reported hearing gunshots.

    Early reports suggested that two people had died, but local media later revised the death toll to “at least 13”. The number of victims has not been officially confirmed.

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  • Jews – The Indigenous People of Jerusalem and The Land of Israel

    What defines an Indigenous People and how is it proved? The Jewish Nation with its roots in the ancient Israelites are the indigenous people of Jerusalem, and the entire Land of Israel. How do we know? This article shares this and a whole lot more!

    Photo Credit: TPEF: Jewish women praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, circa 1911 [License]

    The Jews: One of the World’s Oldest Indigenous Peoples

    Article Courtesy: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

    – The Palestinian “Balfour Apology Campaign” to demand the annulment of the Balfour Declaration is part of a consistent policy of denying the rights of the Jews to their national homeland as a people indigenous to the area.

    – Yet the Jewish People for more than two millennia has consistently maintained the strongest claim to be the aboriginal people in its ancestral homeland, and their existence and roots are widely documented, acknowledged, and recognized.

    – Christianity grew out of Judaism, and the early Christian existence and settlement in the Holy Land were part and parcel of the Jewish existence and settlement there.

    – Arab and Palestinian leaders are attempting to establish a mythical, new narrative according to which the “Palestinian People” have existed as a distinct people indigenous to the area for thousands of years, predating the Jewish People.

    – Saeb Erekat, the Secretary-General of the PLO, claimed in 2014 that he is a direct descendant of the Canaanite tribes who lived in Israel some 9,000 years ago. Yet according to Erekat’s own Facebook entry, the Erekat clan is from the northwestern Arabian Peninsula and settled in the Palestine area around 1860.

    The present, ongoing, and cynical attempt to rewrite and manipulate historic and legal realities would appear to be part of today’s radicalized Arab and Muslim rejection of any non-Muslim historic or legal right to land or any religious heritage apart from Islam.

    The purpose of this study is to analyze the character of the Jews as perhaps one of the oldest indigenous peoples who remains a distinct people and to consider the nature and implications of such distinctness in the practical realities of today’s international community.

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  • Jews Return to Temple Mount in Record Numbers

    Records show that record numbers of Jews were allowed to ascend Har HaBayit (Temple Mount) two days ago, on Tisha B’Av. The numbers show that Islamic terrorism continues to accomplish the exact opposite of its intent. More Jews wanted to go up to the world’s holiest site but were prevented by strict anti-Jewish and anti-Christian rules created by the Islamic Wafk (Islamic Trust). The people continue the important struggle to free the Temple Mount and all of Jerusalem from the hatred and extremism of the Islamic Wakf. The Jewish people continue to be drawn back to its roots, to the place where it all began! Jerusalem is the heart of Israel and the Temple Mount is the heart of the holy city. It is the place where Jewish tradition holds that the world was created from; where Abraham was prepared to sacrifice everything for Hashem; the place where Isaac and Jacob spread the love of Hashem to the future Israelites. It is the location of both Holy Temples that stood for a total of 830 years — beginning approximately 1,433 years before Islam was even created. The national importance of Jerusalem and its holy sites continues to grow despite any efforts by terrorists and anti-semites to quash it. Israel is a nation that thrives on building, growth, peace and justice. We will never allow evil, darkness and hatred to flourish, especially in our unified, eternal capital!

    Article Courtesy: Algemeiner

    Record Number of Jews Ascend Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av

    More than 1,000 Jews ascended the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem on Tuesday during the fast of Tisha B’Av, to commemorate the destruction of the Jewish temples that once existed at the holy site.

    The Yeraeh organization, which encourages Jewish visitation and prayer rights at the Temple Mount, stated that 1,043 Jews visited the holy site from 7:30-11 a.m. local time on Tuesday, a record for Jewish visits to the site in a single day.

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  • Capitulation to Muslims Brings Further Riots in Jerusalem

    Did anyone not see this coming? Under tremendous pressure from throughout the world, Israel capitulated to the terrorists in Jerusalem and removed the metal detectors at the Muslim entrances to the Har HaBayit (Temple Mount). In response, the Arab leaders called upon their followers to riot and further their struggle to spread terror. Predictably, today saw massive Muslim riots on the Temple Mount with injuries reported. This comes a day after Israel returned the dead bodies of the 3 terrorists that murdered Israeli police officers on and near the Temple Mount. What was the Muslim response to that? Again, riots and mayhem, as the terrorists’ funerals were turned into incitement, riots and a hero’s welcome to their “shahid” (martyrs). This is how the Muslim extremists treat the spot that they claim is so holy to them?! This is all very concerning and continues to prove the need for Israel to fully apply its sovereignty over the entire capital city of Jerusalem. News story below.

    BREAKING: Arabs Attack Israeli Police on Temple Mount

    Article Courtesy: JewishPress.com

    Arabs attacked Israeli police on the Temple Mount Thursday as Muslim worshipers returned to the holy site after a 10-day boycott to protest Israeli security measures.

    Livestreamed footage taken from the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Temple mount, showed thousands of people milling around the site, with the sounds of gunshots and ambulance sirens clearly heard.

    The clashes took place hours after Islamic authorities who are responsible for maintenance at the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque agreed to call off the boycott after Israeli authorities dismantled security cameras and metal detectors at entrances to the Mount.

    The security measures were introduced following the murder of two police officers near the Lion’s Gate area of the compound by three Israeli-Arabs who emerged from the Al Aqsa mosque within the Temple Mount on July 14.

    Late Thursday afternoon new protests began in the Bab Hutta neighborhood, in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, when a gate leading from the neighborhood to the Mount was closed; the gate was later opened, allowing hundreds of Muslims to pour through and into the compound.

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  • The Truth Behind Muslims Refusing to Go Up to the Mosque on Temple Mount

    Illustrative photo by Andrew Shiva [CC BY-SA 3.0 or Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

    There’s a power struggle going on in Jerusalem and here’s what it’s all about… Last week 3 Islamic terrorists attacked and killed 2 Druze-Israeli police officers near the holiest place in the world for the Jewish Nation – the Temple Mount. This is the site of the First and Second Holy Temples that the ancient Israelites built thousands of years ago and is the location toward which all Jews around the world continue to direct their prayers until today. The Muslim terrorists used the Temple Mount as staging grounds for their attack, hiding weapons there and emerging from the holy site to get a jump on the Israeli police. Israel then closed the site for a brief period of time while searched for any additional stashed guns, knives, pipe bombs and the like. What they found was quite disturbing but not very surprising. Police found several caches of all of the above in addition to other various weapons hidden in and around the mosque. This mosque is also the site of many inflammatory speeches given by extremist imams and other Muslim leaders – calls to murder Jews, destroy the West and spread their version of Islam to all 4 corners of the earth.

    So, what’s happened since then? Find out more in the extended article

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