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  • Israel Working to Recognize ‘Defenders of Jerusalem’

    Recognizing the importance of Jerusalem and the vicious attacks on Israeli sovereignty, the Jerusalem and Heritage Minister has been working on a crucial project. It’s a project that works to educate the world about the facts and history of Jerusalem and its importance to the Jewish Nation. As part of this project, the minister is creating an award to recognize the “Defenders of Jerusalem.” This article explains more…

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    Israel launches new plan to ‘defend Jerusalem’ in international arena

    Aritcle Courtesy: Times of Israel

    The Israeli government is launching a new plan to “defend Jerusalem in the international arena,” Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Ze’ev Elkin announced Monday.

    Addressing a conference for Christian journalists in the capital, Elkin said Jerusalem was under “an unprecedented assault,” pointing to recent resolutions passed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that ignored the Jewish people’s link to the city.

    Together with the Foreign Ministry, Elkin said his office was committed to “prepare, budget and lead” a project to defend Jerusalem from various historical distortions.

    “The plan will include visits to Jerusalem of influencers from diverse fields and nations, who will be exposed directly to the past and present of this wondrous city, and will be able to take part in the holy task of defending its future,” he said.

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  • Parliamentarians Celebrate 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration in Jerusalem

    A group of parliamentarians from over a dozen countries came to Israel as part of the Jerusalem Chairman’s Conference. While touring Jerusalem they signed a declaration of support for Israel in timing with the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. They visited several other cities in Israel as well. Israel looks proudly on the events surrounding the Balfour Declaration, as a time when the world began to have clarity of the facts of history. They recognized the Jewish People’s history and roots in Jerusalem and Israel. This article shares more.

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    Article Courtesy: Jerusalem Post

    Twenty-six members of parliament from 15 countries will tour holy and strategic sites in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria starting on Sunday, as part of the Israel Allies Foundation’s annual Jerusalem Chairman’s Conference.

    The first day of the three-day conference will be spent visiting Ammunition Hill and Rachel’s Tomb, where Likud MK Yehudah Glick will address the delegation about the inalienable rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

    The parliament members will then sign a declaration of support for the State of Israel.

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    Proofs of Israel’s ancient connections to Jerusalem are around every corner and available around the world. We thank Italy’s new ambassador to Israel for helping provide yet another one! We look forward to sharing many years of cooperation with Italy and all of the nations of the world who send their ambassadors to Israel. Israel will continue to work with all nations in their understanding of the deep importance of Jerusalem as our eternal unified capital — just as it has been for thousands of years. In this way we will be able to continue to promote peace and truth in the world. Please read the article below for more about this…



    Article Courtesy: JPost

    President Reuven Rivlin received the credentials of four new ambassadors on Monday, and while he was happy to welcome all of them, his enthusiasm over the presence of Italian Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti was almost boundless.

    The reason: Benedetti, who is also an academic, initiated the translation of the Talmud from Aramaic into Italian, thereby adding new emphasis to the 2,000-year relationship between Jerusalem and Rome and proving the UNESCO resolution denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem was “ridiculous” and “based on ignorance.”

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  • U.S. & Israel Stand Up For The Truth Of Jerusalem Against UNESCO

    The past few days have seen announcements by the United States State Department and Israel’s Prime Minister stating that both countries are withdawing from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). These announcements are welcome news for Jerusalem — after many years of abuse by UNESCO and other foreign bodies that have lied and twisted facts about Jerusalem, it is time to stand up for truth! UNESCO has held several “votes” over the past few years and issued statements that fully deny the importance and holiness of Jerusalem to Israel and the Jewish People. Clearly, no vote can deny the truth and facts of thousands of years. Jerusalem and all of its most special landmarks are more than just “heritage sites.” Jerusalem has been and will remain Israel’s unified, eternal capital.

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: United Nations Photo [License]

    U.S., Israel quit U.N. heritage agency citing bias

    Article Courtesy: Reuters

    PARIS (Reuters) – The United States and Israel announced on Thursday they were quitting the U.N.’s cultural agency UNESCO, after Washington accused it of anti-Israeli bias.

    The withdrawal of the United States, which is meant to provide a fifth of UNESCO’s funding, is a major blow for the Paris-based organization, founded after World War Two to help protect cultural and natural heritage around the world.

    UNESCO is best known for designating World Heritage Sites such as the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria and the Grand Canyon National Park.

    “This decision was not taken lightly, and reflects U.S. concerns with mounting arrears at UNESCO, the need for fundamental reform in the organization, and continuing anti-Israel bias,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement.

    Hours later, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would quit too, calling the U.S. decision “brave and moral”.

    UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova expressed her disappointment: “At the time when conflicts continue to tear apart societies across the world, it is deeply regrettable for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations agency promoting education for peace and protecting culture under attack,” she said.

    “This is a loss to the United Nations family. This is a loss for multilateralism.”

    Washington has already withheld its funding for UNESCO since 2011, when the body admitted Palestine as a full member. The United States and Israel were among just 14 of 194 members that voted against admitting the Palestinians. Washington’s arrears on its $80 million annual dues since then are now over $500 million.

    Although Washington supports a future independent Palestinian state, it says this should emerge out of peace talks and it considers it unhelpful for international organizations to admit Palestine until negotiations are complete.

    In recent years, Israel has repeatedly complained about what it says is the body taking sides in disputes over cultural heritage sites in Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories.

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  • The Succot-Jerusalem Connection and How it Proves UNESCO Wrong

    The Jewish Holiday of Succot is inherently connected to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. This article, published last year, wonderfully explains this connection. More importantly, it helps the world understand the absurd attempts via the UNESCO votes to disconnect Israel from Jerusalem! Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem

    Photo Credit: ארכיון הצילומים קקל, הצלם יעקב שיין [CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons [License]


    Article Courtesy: JPost

    Walking the streets of Jerusalem during these festive days, it suddenly struck me just how perfectly timed was the absurd UNESCO decision disconnecting Judaism from the Temple Mount – because no holiday exposes the idiocy of the UNESCO vote better than Succot.

    We begin with the commandment in the Bible – written over 3,000 years ago, before Islam’s inception – that the people of Israel were to celebrate on the Temple Mount for the entire duration of the Succot holiday: “For seven days you shall celebrate for the Lord your God, in the place that the Lord will choose.” (Deuteronomy 16:15) This is the only holiday which has a specific command for the Jewish people to celebrate in the Temple for an extended period of time.

    The special relationship between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount was cemented when King Solomon dedicated the First Temple on Succot (Kings I 8:2), and when the Second Temple was dedicated on Succot (Ezra 3:4). Both Jewish Temples – which sat right there on the Temple Mount – were dedicated during these days of a Succot! This, no doubt, is a major reason for our national rejoicing during these days.

    Lest anyone think that the Temples were built only to benefit the Jewish people, King Solomon offered the following prayer on that first Succot in the Temple: “Also a gentile who is not of Your people Israel, but will come from a distant land, for Your Name’s sake; For they will hear of Your great Name and Your strong hand and Your outstretched Arm – and will come and pray towards this Temple; May You hear from Heaven, the foundation of Your abode, and act according to all that the Gentile calls out to You, so that all peoples of the world may know your Name, to fear You as Your people Israel and to know that Your Name is proclaimed upon this Temple that I have built.”

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  • Hamas :: Today’s Terror Attack Was Retaliation for “Judaization of Jerusalem”

    This morning Israel sufferred a horrific Islamic terrorist attack just outside of Jerusalem. A Muslim terrorist shot and killed 3 Israeli police officers and security gaurds and injured more. This attack was followed by a statement put out by the Hamas terrorist organization that is based out of Gaza. Hamas claimed that the murders were in retaliation for Israel’s “attempt to Judaize Jerusalem.” The absurdity of that claim is beyond understanding, especially when you consider that Jerusalem sits in the center of the ancient region called Judah… exactly the place where the word Judaism comes from! Yes, Judah, Judaism and Jew all come from the same root word and it’s certainly no coincidence. In Hebrew, the word for Judah is Yehuda; the word for Jews is Yehudim; and the word for Judaism is Yehadut. It’s the same reason why Arabs are called Arabs — because they come from the Arabian Peninsula. In the same way, Jews follow a religion called Judaism and are from the region called Judah! Bottom line, you can’t separate Jerusalem from Judaism or the Jewish Nation no matter what terrorist attacks you launch or how many outlandish claims you make! Israel will continue to defend Jerusalem, the entire region of Judah, the Jews and Judaism.

    Photo Credit: Josh Evnin [License]

    Three Israelis killed in terror attack near Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Globes

    A fourth person in the Jerusalem Hills town of Har Adar has been critically wounded by a Palestinian worker who was killed by security forces.

    Three Israelis were killed this morning and a fourth Israeli was critically wounded in a terror attack in the Jerusalem Hills town of Har Adar, “Walla” reports. Initial investigations suggest that the terrorist came to the town’s rear entrance this morning along with other Palestinian workers from the West Bank and began opening fire on his victims. The terrorist was shot and killed by security forces.

    Read more in the extended article…

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  • Ethiopian Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah with a call for “Next Year in Jerusalem!”

    Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) begins tomorrow evening, Wednesday, this year. It is a day of intense importance to Jews the world over. This certainly includes the Jews of Ethiopia who have reconnected with the broader Jewish community over the past few decades. An interesting facet about the Rosh Hashanah celebrations and customs of Ethiopian Jews is the central importance Jerusalem holds, despite their long separation from both the holy Jewish capital and the rest of the Jewish nation for so many centuries. Of course, the reason for this contniuned longing for Jerusalem stems from the centrality of the holy city to Judaism. All Jews carry the pure love for Jerusalem no matter where they are and irrespective of whether or not they’ve even been able to visit the city. It is therefore wonder that Jewish communities all over the world maintain such a strong connection to Jerusalem despite great distances and hardships. We wish everyone a wonderful and peaceful new year from Israel’s unified and eternal capital!

    Image for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Tribes of the World [License]

    Ethiopian Rosh Hashanah Blends Unique Customs With a Yearning for Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: The Algemeiner

    Despite relative isolation from their Jewish brethren around the world for millennia, Ethiopian Jews still observe Rosh Hashanah. Though unique, the Jewish New Year festivities in Ethiopia bear many similarities to the holiday’s observance in the broader Diaspora.

    Due to the small size of Malessa’s village in Ethiopia, not many “kessim” — elder religious leaders with knowledge of oral Jewish law and the equivalent of rabbis — resided in her home village. This meant that she did not thoroughly celebrate Rosh Hashanah, because the Ethiopian villagers were entirely dependent on the verbally disseminated wisdom of the elders, who were the only people in the village capable of reading Jewish texts written in the ancient Ge’ez dialect.

    “The kessim would read from the holy scripts in Ge’ez and tell the history of the Jewish people,” she said. “They would speak of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov, our great patriarchs and matriarchs, and the lessons we could learn from them in the present. … Most importantly, the kessim would emphasize our long-held aspiration to celebrate Rosh Hashanah ‘next year in Jerusalem.’”

    See the extended article for more…

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  • Jerusalem Remembers 9/11 Attacks Against Sovereignty & Freedom

    The Islamic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 were not attacks simply against buildings or even people. They were attacks against the sovereignty of a democratic nation as well as world freedom. As then President George W. Bush said on that fateful morning, “Freedom itself was attacked this morning… and freedom will be defended!” We in Israel understand the importance of these events. This is why a 9/11 memorial was built in Jerusalem and memorial ceremonies are held there annually. It is the only such memorial in the Middle East and represents Israel’s strong stance for freedom. Israel believes in democracy, peace and the sovereignty of nations. It is our mission to fight for these ideals and protect against the terrorism that threatens them. We must never allow evil to threaten justice and freedom. This is why we work so hard to educate the world about the importance of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal and united capital.

    You can watch a video of the Jerusalem 9/11 memorial event at this link.

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  • Palestinian Authority Official Arrested For Inciting Terror in Jerusalem

    Photo Credit: Andrew Reid Wildman [License]

    In a stand against Islamic terrorism, Israel arrested a senior “palestinian authority” official after he has been documented inciting terrorism against Jews in Jerusalem. He has encouraged murder on social media, making comments such as “spill blood on the Dome of the Rock,” amongst other inciteful statements. Read this article for more…

    Article Courtesy: Arutz7

    Incitement on Facebook: ‘Spill blood on the Dome of the Rock’

    IDF and Shin Bet forces arrested an Arab from the village of Beit Awwa in the South Hevron Hills on suspicions of incitement and support for a hostile organization.

    The suspect, Nagy Mohammed Alswiti, a senior employee in the office of the PA preventive security chief in Jenin, published content on Facebook in which he called for violent acts against Jews, and expressed praise and support for acts of terror.

    The suspect called on his Facebook page to “spill blood on the Dome of the Rock.”

    Likewise, the suspect published the pictures of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann, noting that he missed “people like them.”

    See the extended article for more…

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  • Connecting Jerusalem With the Ancient Half Shekel Coin

    This past week was marked with a flurry of articles about the discovery of a half shekel coin apparently from 2,000 years ago that was used by the ancient Israelites in Jerusalem’s Holy Temple. As it turns out, the discovery was that of a replica of the famous ancient coin. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has had children “minting” replicas of the coin as a souvenir of their visit and to drive home the importance of the holy capital city and its history for the nation. In fact, in order to avoid confusion or the appearance of trying to create forgeries, the museum has made sure to only impress one side of the coin blanks with the historical coin’s image. They leave the other side intentionally blank, making it obvious and easy for archeologists to distingish the souvenir replicas from their true originals. The importance of that coin is legendary and forever tied to the Jewish nation’s history in Jerusalem. The article below explains more about the use of the half shekel coin in the Holy Temples in Jerusalem…

    Article Courtesy: City of David

    Half Shekel Coin from the Temple Mount

    “For the first time in 2000 years, we have archaeological finds from the Temple Mount.” So began my discussion with Gabriel Barkay, a veteran archaeologist with extensive experience, who has made numerous important discoveries. Dr. Barkay won the Jerusalem Prize for Archaeology in 1996 and is one of the most important experts on archaeology in Jerusalem.

    Rubble from the Temple Mount

    “For over 150 years there have been archaeological excavations in Jerusalem, but without even one find from the Temple Mount”, says Dr. Barkay. Finding archaeological remnants from the Temple Mount only began after November 1999 when the Muslim Waqf decided to dig a massive hole in the Temple Mount, in order to build an entrance to a new prayer hall. The hole was built extremely fast, over a period of four days, and without any archaeological supervision. During the work, 400 truckloads of dirt, saturated with archaeological finds from Temple Mount, were dumped at various sites. Most of the rubble was dumped in the adjacent Kidron Valley. Zachi Dvira (Zwieg), an archaeological student at the time, made the discovery. He turned to his professor, Dr. Barkay, and together they initiated the Temple Mount Sifting Project.

    Half Shekel Coin

    To understand the importance of the half shekel coin from the Great Revolt, we should go back a few hundred years, to the commandment of the half shekel mentioned in the Bible. In the section titled “Ki Tisa”, God commands Moses to count the People of Israel by collecting a half shekel, which would be donated to the Tabernacle. “This they shall give- everyone who passes through the census- a half shekel of the sacred shekel: the shekel is twenty geras, half a shekel as a portion to Hashem” (Exodus 30:13). Payment was made through the collection of silver metal that weighed a measurement called “half a shekel”.

    See the extended article for more…

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