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  • Head of ‘Palestinian Authority’ Tries to Deny Jerusalem’s Jewish Identity

    The leader of the ‘Palestinian Authority’ (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, has tried everything in his power to deny Jewish history in Jerusalem. At times it’s laughable and other times it’s insulting. Sometimes it’s just outright bizarre. The PA has proven time and again that it has no intention to create peace with Israel or provide free access to the holy sites of Jerusalem. They have proven that they are not to be trusted with any part of Jerusalem. In a recent speech the head of the PA simply leaves out any reference to the Jewish Nation’s ancient roots in the holy city. Well, it’s our job to call him out on this ridiculous attempt at denying the facts of history! The Jewish People have been in Jerusalem longer than the Muslim religion has even been around! Jerusalem has been the capital of the modern State of Israel for nearly 70 years and the eternal unified capital of the Jewish People for 3,000 years! Please help us SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy [License]

    Article Courtesy: Times of Israel

    US peace envoy blasts Abbas for failure to mention Jerusalem’s Jewish connection

    American Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt on Thursday slammed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for failing to mention Judaism’s connection to Jerusalem in a speech this week.

    Speaking at the Jerusalem Capital of Muslim Youth 2018 festival in Ramallah on Tuesday, Abbas repeatedly emphasized that Jerusalem was a city for Muslims and Christians, without mentioning any of the city’s extensive Jewish history.

    “Pres. Abbas states about Jerusalem: ‘it is Arab, Muslim, and Christian.’ And makes no mention of any Jewish ties. Nothing peaceful or productive can come from statements like this,” Greenblatt said in a series of tweets.

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  • Is Israel Using Archeology and Facts to ‘Modify’ Jerusalem’s History?

    This one would be funny if it weren’t so scary… The European Union has actually claimed that Israel is trying to “modify the historical narrative” of Jerusalem. And how do they say Israel is doing this? By showing the world the truth and archeology — literally the facts on the ground in Jerusalem!

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    EU Slams Israel for ‘Touristic Settlement’ of Historic Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: United With Israel

    By: JNS.org and United with Israel Staff

    A European Union (EU) report leaked to The Guardian expressed ire over Israeli tourism development in and around Jerusalem’s Old City, calling ongoing Israeli infrastructure improvements a form of “touristic settlement.”

    The EU Heads of Mission in Jerusalem issued a report warning that the development of Israeli tourism in the ancient City of David, currently located within a Palestinian neighborhood, and a planned cable car that would transport tourists to the Western Wall (Kotel), which is within the Old City, were “a political tool to modify the historical narrative and to support, legitimize, and expand settlements.”

    The report asserts that the projects promote the “historic continuity of the Jewish presence in the area at the expense of other religions and cultures.”

    The Europeans, through votes at international forums, have repeatedly denied the Jews’ connection to Jerusalem.

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  • Ancient Wooden Beams of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

    The ability to touch the ancient history of Jerusalem and understand its connection to Israel is one of the spectacular aspects of the city. This article about the wooden beams from the Temple Mount, where the first and second holy Jewish Temples stood, helps us appreciate Israel’s connection to her eternal capital.

    Photo: Some of the wooden beams being destroyed by the elements, current day, 2017. Photo Credit: OneJ Staff

    New Year for the Trees, New Life for Ancient Forgotten Beams

    Article Courtesy: The Temple Mount Sifting Project

    The Ancient Beams of the Temple Mount

    The Al-Aqsa Mosque has been renovated a number of times throughout its history. Notably, after a massive earthquake caused major structural damage to the mosque in 1937, a lot of work was done to strengthen the building, and a number of wooden beams were removed, many of which are now in the Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem. In the 1970s, more wooden beams were removed from the Temple Mount and some were sold to a merchant in Ramallah. Some Israelis actually purchased these beams and sent them for Carbon 14 and dendrochronological (tree ring) dating at the Weizmann Institute. Most of the beams were found to be from cyprus trees or cedar trees from Lebanon and some were oak from Turkey. While the vast majority of tested beams dated to the Byzantine period (6th century CE), some of the beams date much earlier. There are two beams in particular that date to the First Temple Period, one of cyprus dating to around the 7th century BCE, and one of oak dating to around the 10th century BCE according to the C14 tests.

    So how did these early beams end up in the Al-Aqsa Mosque? Wood was expensive in ancient times, so builders would use what was available to them. Many of the beams measured over 14 meters and were made well and of strong wood. Consequently, they were used over and over again. One of the beams from the Al Aqsa Mosque carbon dates to the early Hellenistic period but also has a Greek inscription from the Byzantine period. It seems this beam was in at least tertiary use in the mosque, and we are grateful that this reuse of material preserved it for us to study now.

    The beams offer a fascinating historical record of Jerusalem, including Byzantine buildings, early Muslim houses of prayer and, not inconceivably, the ancient temple complex itself. Unfortunately, the several hundred existing beams have never been studied in depth, and many are in danger of decay and disintegration.

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  • European Union to Side With Terrorists When it Comes to Jerusalem

    Ignoring facts and reality, European Union officials have promissed to cave into terrorist demands for Jerusalem. The head of the “Palestinian Authority”, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), has been trying to circumvent actual peace negotiations with Israel in an attempt to bolster his lies and deceipt. However, he has come to realize that the PA’s tactics no longer work with the United States. So, he continues to grasp for Jerusalem by using the EU. As we always say, the truth must always shine through. Despite all of the lies, the deceipt and resolutions, Jerusalem is and will eternally remain Israel’s unified capital.

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Michael Sauers [License]

    EU promises to back Abbas’ demand for Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Israel National News

    The European Union pledged its support Monday for Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas’ vision of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

    On Monday, PA chairman Abbas met with European Union Foreign Affairs High Representative Federica Mogherini in the EU capital in Brussels, in a bid by the PA leader to win recognition for Palestinian statehood from the 28-member European body.

    The trip, which coincides with Vice President Mike Pence’s three-day visit to Israel, is part of a larger effort to circumvent the US, the traditional broker of PA-Israel negotiations, and push to take a more active role in the Middle East.

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  • Understanding Jerusalem’s History and Its Implications For Today

    There are many preconceived notions, rumors and even outright lies that revolve around Jerusalem’s history, rights and sovereignty. It becomes essential to discover the truth and understand exactly what the Jewish and Muslim claims to Jerusalem are based on. The following article provides an in-depth history and analysis into Israel’s eternal, unified capital of Jerusalem.

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Paul Arps [License]

    Please note that this article was authored before the death of Yasser Arafat, leader of the PLO terrorist organization that was renamed the Palestinian Authority.

    Jerusalem: Jewish and Muslim Claims to the Holy City

    Article Courtesy: Aish

    The Jews of Israel are currently locked into a conflict with their Palestinian Arab neighbors. While the media bombards us with constant reports of violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, there is no doubt that the epicenter of the conflict lies in Jerusalem and more specifically on the Temple Mount in the Old City.

    Jewish Spiritual Connection to Jerusalem

    To understand the Jewish connection to Jerusalem we must begin with the Jewish Bible. From the Jewish perspective, the area of special holiness is Mount Moriah, today known as the Temple Mount. This area is located beneath the platform on which the Muslim Shrine, the Dome Of the Rock, now stands.

    In the Jewish Bible, Jerusalem has many names: Salem (Shalem), Moriah, Jebuse (Yevuse), Jerusalem (Yerushalayim), and Zion (Tziyon). The most common term for the city, Yerushalayim, is mentioned 349 times in the Jewish Bible, while Tziyon is mentioned an additional 108 times.

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  • There’s Only ‘The Truth’ When it Comes to Jerusalem

    In a day and age when some people try to pretend that truth is subjective, that there’s something called “your truth,” it’s important to stand up for facts and reality. Certainly, when it comes to Jerusalem there’s only “the truth” and any attempts to invent “your truth” must be challenged. Facts and reality are the basis for truth and these are our best weapons in the struggle for truth.

    Photo Credit: Lyman Coleman (1796-1882) (www.vampirehigh.org) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

    5 Facts That Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City Or An Arab Capital!

    Article Courtesy: The Jewish Press

    Let’s play a game of association.

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say JERUSALEM?

    If your answer was “Holy City”, then you are either Jewish or you believe in the Jewish connection to the city of Jerusalem. If you are Christian, Jerusalem is holy to you because Jesus, who was a Jew, lived there. Therefore, it is holy as the Jewish capital and the home of the two Jewish Temples that stood in Jerusalem.

    If you are a Muslim, I am sure you are probably offended by the mere suggestion that Jerusalem was NEVER a Muslim holy city or an Arab capital of any kind, but since you cannot hurt me or blow me up, you’re going to have to face these historical truths and be content with writing violent reactions in the comments section below.

    5 Facts To Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City 1. The Quran While Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible (Tanach) over 500 times, it is NEVER mentioned in the Quran, not once! Many Muslims claim this is a lie and claim the word Al Aqsa means Jerusalem. Al Aqsa literally means “The Farthest Mosque” and in no way does it mean Jerusalem.

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  • Did the UN Finally Get Something Right Regarding Jerusalem?

    The United Nation’s history when it comes to Jerusalem, and in fact, when it comes to Israel as a whole, is filled with bias, shame and darkness. However, as we know, truth will eventually shine through the darkness. Is it possible that the UN accidentally shared a bit of truth about Jerusalem? This article shares the point…

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: monette lyan [License]

    The UN got it right for a change

    Article Courtesy: Israel National News

    On December 21st, the General Assembly of the UN (UNGA) adopted Resolution A/ES‑10/L.22, titled “Status of Jerusalem”, proposed by Yemen and Turkey, and passed by 128 votes to 9 against with 21 absentees and 35 abstentions:

    “The General Assembly… Guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, … Affirms that any decisions and actions which purport to have altered the character, status or demographic composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem have no legal effect, are null and void and must be rescinded…” (full text at https://undocs.org/en/A/ES-10/L.22).

    Right. Absolutely and unequivocally correct. For maybe the first time in their otherwise worse-than-miserable history, those nudniks over in 760 United Nations Plaza in Manhattan have actually got something right.

    They can start with the Romans. When the Roman Empire conquered Jerusalem in the year 70, destroyed our Holy Temple, and Romanised our Holy City – the UN resolution means that action, which altered the character, status and demographic composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem, had no legal effect, is null and void, and must be rescinded.

    That is to say, Jerusalem must return to the status quo ante: Jewish sovereignty over an undivided Jerusalem, and the Holy Temple restored on the Temple Mount.

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  • Thank God Facts and Reality Aren’t Based on a UN Vote

    Despite what the United Nations believes, no amount of voting or resolutions can change truth. Facts and reality aren’t based on public opinion. As it turns out, truth is actually rooted in facts and reality. When it comes to Jerusalem, the facts are that the holy city has been the central focus of the Jewish Nation since our forefather Abraham first came to Jerusalem over 4,000 years ago. His son, Isaac, and grandson, Jacob, continued the legacy and established the ancient Israelites in the Land of Israel with Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish Nation. King David eventually moved his throne to Jerusalem and declared the city the official capital of the First Jewish Commonwealth 3,000 years ago. The first and second Holy Temples stood in the heart of Jewish Jerusalem for hundreds of years. Since that time and despite 2,000 years in the exile, the Jews have never had a capital city anywhere else in the world throughout history! Since those biblical times, the Jews have maintained our absolute connection and love for our unified, eternal capital. In 1948, with the establishment of the modern State of Israel, the Jews reaffirmed this eternal bond by establishing Jerusalem as the capital city. When the Arab world challenged and re-challenged Israel by attacking us and starting war after war, Israel successfully defended Jerusalem and reunified it under Israeli sovereignty — something we will never relinquish. This is the reality. This is the TRUTH about Jerusalem, regardless of how the UN votes or what nonsensical resolutions they pass. Want proof? Take a simple look at the thousands of years worth of archaeological facts that have been uncovered and continue to be uncovered. Thank God facts and reality aren’t based on a UN vote! The article below explains how Israel continues to promote facts and truth… Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

    Photo Credit: IsraelTourism [License]

    Regev pushes for extensive Old City excavations in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: YNet News

    Unlike previous excavations in Israel’s capital that focused more on “saving” sites, the current plan deals with planned work to uncover, preserve and develop Jerusalem’s Old City from the Har Etzion region to the City of David. The project does, however, exclude the Temple Mount complex, where no excavations are planned.

    The plan constitutes a historic initiative, as it marks the first time an official Israeli government agency undertakes widespread excavations in the Old City. The plan is estimated to cost NIS 250 million (roughly $70 million).

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  • Practical Steps Needed to Actualize U.S. Recognition of Israel’s Sovereignty In Jerusalem

    Concern has risen from the U.S. State Department’s refusal to implement President Trump’s official policy declaration regarding Jerusalem. The president clearly and unequivocally declared the U.S.’s support of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, finally recognizing that Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital. This was done in accordance with the law created by the U.S. Congress in 1995 and reaffirmed by the Senate only six months ago. This was a welcome step by the U.S. government, in recognition of the reality that started with King David creating Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish People 3,000 years ago and the modern State of Israel reaffirming this nearly 70 years ago. However, bureaucrats in the State Department have been challenging this by refusing to take the necessary practical steps to implement this as official policy. This article explains more. Help us fight for Jerusalem! Please contact the White House and your elected officials to demand change!

    Illustrative photo by Andrew Shiva [CC BY-SA 3.0 or Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

    The State Department Strikes Back Over Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Israel Rising

    The United States still will not formally recognize Jerusalem as being located in Israel on official documents, maps, and passports, despite President Donald Trump’s announcement earlier this week that America is formally recognizing the holy city as Israel’s capital, according to State Department officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about the matter.

    Despite Trump’s declaration, which was formally codified on Wednesday into U.S. policy, the State Department is taking a more nuanced position on the matter, drawing some ire in Congress among pro-Israel lawmakers who accuse the State Department of undermining Trump’s efforts.

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  • U.S. Officially Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

    President Trump’s announcement only moments ago: “Today we finally acknowledge the obvious — that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. This is nothing more, or less, than a recognition of reality.”

    We thank the president and the people of the United States. We’re another step ahead in the fight for TRUTH about Jerusalem. We now need to keep working toward the world’s recognition of the obvious — Jerusalem must remain UNIFIED as Israel’s ETERNAL capital!

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