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  • Fact Check: Israel & The Temple Mount

    Despite the narrative of King Abdullah, Israel has and always will safeguard the rights of Jews, Muslims and Christians to worship at its holiest site. The Temple Mount is a site of great importance to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The site has been a source of […]

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  • Dozens of arrests but no casualties reported after Jerusalem Day clashes

    Arabs clash with Jewish marchers during Jerusalem Day Flag Parade and riot in nearby neighborhood. Police arrest 50 people – mostly Arabs. Arabs clashed with Jewish marchers in the Old City of Jerusalem, and rioted in the nearby Shimon Hatzaddik (Sheikh Jarrah) neighborhood during a heavily policed Jerusalem Day march, but there were no major […]

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  • Islamic terrorists attack Israelis in Jerusalem

    A recent spurt of terrorists attacking Israelis in the holy capital of Jerusalem has gone largely unreported, or at the very least under-reported. Yesterday and again today, Jerusalem’s Old City was the scene of Muslim terrorists who stabbed policemen. In response, police and security defended themselves and the civilians around them by neutralizing the terrorists. […]

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  • Hate :: What Happens When “Palestinians” Lay Claim To Jerusalem
    Israel opens its capital of Jerusalem to anyone and everyone who comes in peace. Unfortunately, the unending hate that comes from the so-called “palestinian” Arabs works to destroy worldwide efforts to keep Jerusalem peaceful and safe — even for other Arabs.

    Photo Credit: Andrew Reid Wildman [License]

    Saudi-American academic couldn’t visit the Al Aqsa Mosque because of Palestinian hate

    Article Courtesy: Elder of Ziyon

    Najat Al-Saeed is a Saudi-American independent academic researcher who teaches in Dubai and writes for Israel Hayom.

    Earlier this month she tweeted details about her trip to Israel, causing much discussion in Arab media.

    Now she has written about her experiences during her short trip to Israel for Al-Hurra. It was virtually all positive.

    The one slight discomfort that she felt came not from Israelis – but from Palestinians.

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  • Why Does The New York Times Keep Making Errors About Jerusalem And All Israel?

    The New York Times has a running history of making errors when it comes to its descriptions of events in Israel. It has trouble identifying Israel’s eternal unified capital of Jerusalem. It has difficulty accurately describing timeslines of events. And, it makes consistent errors when writing about the reason for Islamic terrorism in the Jewish Homeland and Jerusalem, its holy capital.

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Hamas training children in terrorism “for the sake of Jerusalem”The Israel Project [License]

    How Many Helpers Does the New York Times Have to Hire for Error-Prone Jerusalem Bureau Chief?

    Article Courtesy: Algemeiner

    The New York Times’ error-prone Jerusalem bureau chief, Patrick Kingsley, is at it again.

    A full page of Sunday’s New York Times was devoted to a Kingsley dispatch from the West Bank, with reporting “contributed by Rami Nazzal and Hiba Yazbek from Burin, Myra Noveck from Yitzhar and Givat Ronen, Jonathan Shamir from Tel Aviv, and Rawan Sheikh Ahmad from Haifa.” What did this team of error-prone chief Kingsley and five helpers come up with?

    More mistakes.

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  • Israel’s Natural Return To Its Roots And Its Capital

    In a natural return to the “status quo” that maintained the Jewish Nation for thousands of years, the Jewish People return to the heart of Jerusalem – the central repository of prayer from time immemorial. The fact that Jews have been barred from their basic right of prayer in the holiest place on earth for […]

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  • Lover of Jerusalem, Esther Pollard passes away from COVID-19

    A woman who was an ardent supporter of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal unified capital, Esther Pollard, has tragically passed away earlier today. She died in her beloved Holy Capital City of Jerusalem, at the Hadasah Medical Center and will be buried today in one of the city’s holy cemetaries. Mrs. Pollard succumbed to COVID-19 while […]

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  • Snow Beginning To Fall In Jerusalem, Israel

    The relatively rare site of snow falling in Jerusalem can now be seen, with the snow having arrived this evening. This is much to the delight of children but less of a joy to drivers in Israel’s eternal unified capital. May this be a blessing and may everyone stay warm and safe! Illustrative photo of […]

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  • Resolutions and Lies Can’t Negate The Truth About Jewish Jerusalem
    Please help us fight back against the lies and attacks against Israel’s eternal unified capital, Jerusalem!

    Photo Credit: TPEF: Jewish women praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, circa 1911 [License]

    End U.N. Revisionism on Jewish Roots in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Inside Sources

    The air over Jerusalem is saturated with prayers and dreams like the air over heavily industrial cities. It’s hard to breathe.
    Those words, by the Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai, testify to the rich and fraught history of Jerusalem. Sacred and singular, a symbol as much as a place, it has been coveted, conquered, and reconquered. Its layers of history can quite literally be excavated like an archaeological dig.
    One thread, however, traces to practically the origin of the ancient city: Its centrality to the Jewish people. Until recently, this self-evident truth would have prompted no contention. In early Jewish texts, Jerusalem is “the light of the world,” the heart of Jews’ collective consciousness. While Christians and Muslims have cherished Jerusalem, many would make Rome or Mecca a focal point of their global faiths. For Jews, there has only been Jerusalem.
    It is toward there that, over the course of their exile, Jews have directed their prayers. It is Jerusalem whose memory has been invoked in Jewish milestone events, whether marriage or bereavement. Jewish holidays commemorate yearly pilgrimages to Jerusalem. Even in the diaspora, sizable Jewish communities were identified with the city: Amsterdam was once called “Jerusalem of the West,” Vilnius was “Jerusalem of the North” and Thessaloniki was “Jerusalem of the Balkans.”

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  • When Will Ukraine Move Its Embassy to Israel’s Capital of Jerusalem?

    The leadership of the Ukraine has been discussing finally recognizing the truth about Jerusalem — that it is Israel’s eternal unified capital! We welcome the move! Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Paul Arps [License] Ukraine’s envoy: We could recognize Jerusalem as capital in coming months Article Courtesy: Times of Israel Ukraine’s Ambassador to […]

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