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  • This Morning :: Maintaining Jerusalem…
    The ancient stones of Jerusalem need constant attention — physically, spiritually and politically. Israel works tirelessly on all of the above. The picture above shows some of the routine inspection, cleaning and maintenance that is regularly done on the South West corner of the Kotel (Western Wailing Wall). This is a 2,000+ year old remnant of King Herod’s extension of the Temple Mount, when he expanded the Second Holy Temple in the years that he ruled over ancient Israel. Along with this maintenance work, the Jewish People continue our thousands of years old tradition of maintaining a deep spiritual connection to Jerusalem, directing our daily prayers toward Jerusalem. The structures being excavated in the lower half of the picture are ancient Israelite buildings discovered in an amazing archeological project that has revealed details about the significance of the area. It is only when Israel has held sovereignty over Jerusalem that people of all types from all around the world have been able to explore and pray freely in the Holy City. This explains why it is so important for Israel to also continue maintaining Jerusalem as the eternal unified capital of Israel.
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    Photo Credit: AJS personal collection, June 29, 2020

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  • Jordan’s Attack on Jerusalem, Truth and Reality
    Israel must continue to battle the lies and attacks on Jerusalem. Islamic extremism is alive and well in Jordan, along with many other Muslim countries. The truth is that the Jewish People settled in Israel with Jerusalem as their spiritual and political capital thousands of years ago — long before Islam was created. The reality is that the Jews have maintained an unbroken chain of connection to Jerusalem throughout the millennia. The fact is that every inch of Jerusalem is oozing with ancient Jewish artifacts that prove the above. It is the duty of everyone who believes in truth, facts, reality to stand up for Israel’s eternal unified capital. Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

    Photo: City of David Archeological Excavations, 2014. Photo Courtesy: Jeremy S., Personal Collection, All Rights Reserved.

    Jerusalem, Jordan, and the Jews

    Article Courtesy: Israel Hayom

    The Palestinian Authority and Hamas famously deny any historic or religious connection of Jews to Jerusalem. To cite one example, Ikrima Sabri, the city’s mufti, announced in 2001 that “There is not the smallest indication of the existence of a Jewish temple on this place in the past. In the whole city, there is not even a single stone indicating Jewish history.” This bizarre fraud, Itamar Marcus has explained, is based on a simple switch: Take authentic Jewish history, “documented by thousands of years of continuous literature,” cross out the word Jewish and replace it with Arab.

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  • Jerusalem organization mobilizes to help during coronavirus pandemic
    Wonderful job :: Unity, love and respect during a very challenging time…

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Christian Haugen [License]

    Jerusalem united like never before

    Article Courtesy: Shai Doron, President of the Jerusalem Foundation via The Jewish Chronicle

    Sometimes, in times of crisis, we discover strength and depth of meaning that during our regular routine we don’t know exist. This is indeed what happened to me as the Corona crisis unfolded in Jerusalem and across the globe.
    It seemed to me that Jerusalem would be the most complicated city in Israel for crisis management: the largest city in the country, the most complex and most sensitive; a city in which every community is a world unto itself that does not interact with the outside world or with each other.

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  • Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Reaches Across the Divide
    Israel works continuously and tirelessly to bring peace and unity to Jerusalem. It is not an easy task given the very real security concerns, especially when heart wrenching and difficult situations come up as they did last week. Officials from across the Israeli spectrum will continue to fight toward this goal to Israel’s eternal unified capital. This article shares more…

    Illustrative Photo By: Randall Niles [License]

    Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi Visits Parents of Special Needs Arab Man Mistakenly Killed by Police

    Article Courtesy: Jewish Press

    Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern, on Tuesday, paid a condolence visit to the parents of Iyad Halak, an Arab man with Special Needs who was shot and lilled by police stationed at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday morning after he was erroneously suspected of attempting to carry out an attack.
    Stern arrived with Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and council member Fleur Hassan-Nahoum at the family’s mourning tent in Wadi Jose in eastern Jerusalem.
    The rabbi said he was coming with a message of peace and reconciliation and expressed his pain over the loss of Iyad’s life.

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  • Yom Yerushalayim :: Opening a road to Jerusalem!
    This evening begins Yom Yerushalayim — Jerusalem Reunification Day. It is the day, 53 years ago, when Israel reunified its eternal capital city after 19 years of Jordanian occupation of the eastern part of the city. This is an important day in Jerusalem’s long history. It is a wonderful time to remember the many heroic efforts that the Jewish Nation has undertaken in order to maintain the holy capital’s open connection with greater Israel. Yom Yerushalayim is not just about Israel’s miraculous success of reunifying Jerusalem in 1967. It is about Israel’s ancient and eternal efforts of maintaining Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This article sheds some light on the events of 1948 that led to the building of lifeline road to save Jerusalem…

    Remembering the Road of Heroism on Yom Yerushalayim

    Article Courtesy: The Jewish Voice

    One road supplied the people of Jerusalem when they faced a dire situation. In the fourteen day old State of Israel, the future of the New City of Jerusalem hung in the balance. It was a week since vital supplies had arrived. The people of Jerusalem faced starvation. They needed medicine. Weapons were required to repel attacks.
    A hastily constructed makeshift bypass road saved the city and perhaps the newly reborn State of Israel.

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  • Ancient Coin Commemorates Jewish Effort to Liberate Jerusalem from Roman Occupation
    A rare coin that was struck in bronze commemorates the events of thousands of years ago in Jerusalem. It was released for viewing to the public in time for the associated holiday of Lag Baomer. This article shares more and there’s an in-depth video in the link.

    Photo: Video capture from Arutz7

    Rare coin from Bar-Kokhba revolt unearthed near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Israel National News

    In honor of Lag B’Omer, the Israel Antiquities Authority on Monday revealed a rare bronze coin from the period of the Bar Kokhba revolt (circa 132 CE), which was discovered in archaeological excavations of the Israel Antiquities Authority in the William Davidson Archaeological Park, under the supervision of the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, Ltd. located between the Temple Mount and the City of David.
    The excavations are conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority and funded by the Ir David Foundation (Elad), which operates the site.
    The obverse of the coin is decorated with a cluster of grapes and the inscription “Year Two of the Freedom of Israel” and the reverse side features a palm tree and the inscription “Jerusalem.”

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  • Happy 72nd Yom Ha’atzmaut from Jerusalem!

    Illustrative photo credit: Ted Eytan [License]

    Today the Jewish Nation celebrates the 72nd anniversary of the declaration of the modern State of Israel in its ancient homeland, with Jerusalem as its capital. The Land of Israel has been the homeland of the Jews for thousands of years and likewise, Jerusalem has been the nation’s capital for these thousands of years. It is the very same place where the first and second commonwealths of Israel stood and were governed by the Jews from the same capital.
    This year is certainly a more challenging year than others, with coronavirus looming overhead and the necessary lockdowns still in place. However, this does not stop us from celebrating the wonderful miracles that brought us back to our home. We continue to return to our borders from the Diaspora of the past 2,000 years. We thank God and for giving us the strength and health to accomplish what we have and to carry on. We deeply appreciate the sacrifices made by each and every soldier, police officer and security team member as well as our wonderful healthcare workers. It is because of each of them that we can celebrate this wonderful 72nd Independence Day. We are blessed to have the ability to stand tall and proud in our country with Jerusalem as our eternal unified capital. Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut 2020 from Jerusalem!

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  • Today in Jerusalem :: Yom Hashoah Holocaust Remembrance Day
    Through all of the challenges of dealing with coronavirus quarantine, we remember the atrocities committed by the German Nazis and their collaborators. The atrocities against the Jewish Nation and against the entire world. The national holocaust museum and educational center is located in Israel’s eternal unified capital city of Jerusalem. We recognize with ever increasing urgency, the role that Jerusalem has always played and always will play for the Jewish People.

    Photo of Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Photos of Victims courtesy: Gary Todd [License]

    Clouded by coronavirus, Israel marks Holocaust Memorial Day

    Article Courtesy: Israel Hayom

    The 2020 Holocaust Remembrance Day was an unusual one, as its events, which began on Monday evening, were shrouded with an eerie silence, forced on them by the public health directives concerning the coronavirus outbreak.
    All major state ceremonies will be held as planned but will be devoid of an audience over coronavirus-related restrictions. Most cities, however, canceled their traditional ceremonies, in line with the Health Ministry’s restrictions on public gatherings.
    A two-minute siren wailed nationwide on Tuesday morning, honoring the victims. It was followed by the wreath-laying ceremony in Jerusalem, at the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising monument, which was also held sans an audience.

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  • We Will Become Stronger :: Passover 2020 Begins in Jerusalem
    Despite all of the difficulties leading into this year’s Pesach (Passover) holiday, we continue to see unity and strength within Israel. The holiday is one when the entire Jewish People are supposed to meet in Jerusalem and celebrate Hashem’s miracles from thousands of years ago. They are miracles that led to the return of the Jewish People to our ancient homeland in Israel with Jerusalem as our capital. During these times of the coronavirus pandemic, families are limited to conducting the Seder meal without the company of extended family and friends. However, this hasn’t stopped the people from making every effort to ensure our fellow citizens are as safe and well as possible. We have witnessed people going out of their way to check on neighbors and friends even from a distance. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are alone and those who are sick at this time. We pray that we will all be able to overcome this pandemic together and bring everyone back to Jerusalem in the future in health, happiness and unity. Chag Sameach, Happy Passover to all!

    Illustrative photo credit: Rebecca Siegel [License]

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  • Surreal times in Jerusalem :: COVID-19 cleaning for Passover
    What can we say, we are living through unbelievable times. Somehow we have completely changed our lives in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. Yet we continue with our usual preparations for the upcoming holiday of Pesach (Passover) — including the cleaning of the Kotel (Western Wall) plaza… this year with quite a twist!

    Illustrative Photo Credit: James Emery [License]

    In hazmat suits, workers collect messages from Western Wall

    Article Courtesy: YNet

    Twice a year, cleaning teams using long sticks gouge out tens of thousands of written prayers that visitors traditionally cram into the crevices of Judaism’s Western Wall in Jerusalem.
    But this time, the rite was held with precautions against coronavirus infection in place.
    Workers in hazmat suits and gas masks sprayed sanitizer on the wall’s ancient stones while others held onto their sticks with gloves as they extracted the paper notes left in “God’s mailbox.”

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