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  • Resolutions and Lies Can’t Negate The Truth About Jewish Jerusalem
    Please help us fight back against the lies and attacks against Israel’s eternal unified capital, Jerusalem!

    Photo Credit: TPEF: Jewish women praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, circa 1911 [License]

    End U.N. Revisionism on Jewish Roots in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Inside Sources

    The air over Jerusalem is saturated with prayers and dreams like the air over heavily industrial cities. It’s hard to breathe.
    Those words, by the Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai, testify to the rich and fraught history of Jerusalem. Sacred and singular, a symbol as much as a place, it has been coveted, conquered, and reconquered. Its layers of history can quite literally be excavated like an archaeological dig.
    One thread, however, traces to practically the origin of the ancient city: Its centrality to the Jewish people. Until recently, this self-evident truth would have prompted no contention. In early Jewish texts, Jerusalem is “the light of the world,” the heart of Jews’ collective consciousness. While Christians and Muslims have cherished Jerusalem, many would make Rome or Mecca a focal point of their global faiths. For Jews, there has only been Jerusalem.
    It is toward there that, over the course of their exile, Jews have directed their prayers. It is Jerusalem whose memory has been invoked in Jewish milestone events, whether marriage or bereavement. Jewish holidays commemorate yearly pilgrimages to Jerusalem. Even in the diaspora, sizable Jewish communities were identified with the city: Amsterdam was once called “Jerusalem of the West,” Vilnius was “Jerusalem of the North” and Thessaloniki was “Jerusalem of the Balkans.”

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  • When Will Ukraine Move Its Embassy to Israel’s Capital of Jerusalem?

    The leadership of the Ukraine has been discussing finally recognizing the truth about Jerusalem — that it is Israel’s eternal unified capital! We welcome the move! Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Paul Arps [License] Ukraine’s envoy: We could recognize Jerusalem as capital in coming months Article Courtesy: Times of Israel Ukraine’s Ambassador to […]

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  • Jerusalem’s Ancient City Walls From Israel’s First Temple

    The current-day “Old City walls of Jerusalem” are certainly not the original walls of the city. Despite the fact that we so intimately connect with the images of Jerusalem today, it is important to discover and understand what Israel’s ancient and eternal capital city actually looked like in ancient times.

    Illustrative Photo of Jerusalem’s Old City Walls Ramparts, Credit: Lodo [License]

    First Temple-era segment of Jerusalem’s city wall uncovered

    Article Courtesy: Israel National News

    Archaeological excavations in the City of David National Park have uncovered the remains of the city wall, which was built during the Iron Age – the days of the First Temple in the Kingdom of Judah, to protect Jerusalem from the east.

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  • Fascinating :: Digging Through Jerusalem’s Spectacular History
    This is a wonderful exploration of Jerusalem’s history and the nuances of those who have worked to understand it…

    Illustrative Photo Courtesy: via Gary Todd [License]


    Article Courtesy: The Wall Street Journal

    In “Civilization and Its Discontents,” Freud compared memory and its recovery to the archaeology of Rome. The visitor cannot see the earlier layers of civilization, but the guidebook says where they once were. This allows us to look at the Colosseum and imagine the Golden House of Nero below. But, Freud wrote, a single physical space cannot hold “two different contents.” If it did, then the Palazzo Caffarelli would occupy the same spot as the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, and we would see the temple in both its early, Etruscan form and its later, imperial form.
    Freud never saw Jerusalem. Not only is its visitor’s imagination incited by the Bible, the guidebook of guidebooks, but Jerusalem’s archaeology also presents the simultaneity that Freud thought impossible. The sacred core of Jerusalem is so great that, like New York, they named it twice: Raise your head as you emerge from the warren of the Old City, and you see the Temple Mount of the Jews and the Noble Sanctuary of the Muslims. Two different contents, two different contexts—not forgetting the Christians, who cannot agree among themselves where their sacred sites should be.

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  • U.S. Ambassador Sets Up House In Israel’s Capital: Jerusalem!
    Israel is happy to welcome the ambassador from the United States as he has set up his official residence in Jerusalem approximately two weeks ago. This is an important point, as this is the ambassador selected by the newer U.S. administration and solidifies the move of the embassy to Jerusalem. We hope that this move will signify the American’s acceptance of reality — that Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal unified capital.

    Photo for illustrative purposes: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem [License]

    New US Ambassador: I will be making my home in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Arutz7

    Thomas Nides, the new US ambassador in Israel, arrives in Israel Monday [ed. November 29, 2021] to begin his term as ambassador.
    Following his arrival in Israel, Nides said, “I just arrived a few hours ago and I’m so honored that President Biden selected me to serve in this beautiful country.”

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  • Fight Back Against Arab Lies About Jerusalem!
    Outrageous as it sounds, the Arab extremist’s lies that Jerusalem has no Jewish history has become even more mainstream in recent years. The Arab media proudly broadcast these claims and it is slowly being picked up by the English-speaking main stream media worldwide. We must clearly, constantly and loudly fight back for the TRUTH of Jerusalem’s eternal Jewish history!

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: roaming-the-planet [License]

    Prominent Israeli archaeologist refutes Arab media claims that he said Jerusalem wasn’t Jewish (update)

    Article Courtesy: Elder of Zion

    Lately, Palestinian Arabic media have been making a bold claim.
    Raia al-Youm writes,
    Even before its establishment in Europe, the Zionist movement used to claim that Palestine is the “Promised Land” and that the Jews are “God’s chosen people.” And the heresy of Jerusalem as a “completely Jewish city,” invaded the Western world, which eventually led the former US President, Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people, and ordered the transfer of Washington’s embassy in the entity to occupied Jerusalem.
    In this context, the famous Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein (72 years old) from Tel Aviv University, once again appeared to dismantle these allegations, denying the existence of any connection to the Jews in Jerusalem, as he put it.

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  • Honoring a Hero Jerusalem Police Officer

    Seven years ago today a hero Jerusalem police officer named Zidan Saif z”l was shot and killed in an Islamic terrorist attack. The officer rushed in to protect civilian Jewish worshipers who were being attacked by Muslim terrorists who stormed a synagogue in the middle of morning prayers. The police officer was a Druze man […]

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  • There’s Only One Sovereign Nation In Jerusalem
    Israel has made it clear to the world — there’s only one sovereign nation in Jerusalem. The holy city of Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal unified capital. It cannot be divided or invaded by a foreign entity.

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Ian McKellar [License]

    Israel Notifies US: No Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem, but Maybe Somewhere Else

    Article Courtesy: United With Israel

    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid told reporters on Saturday night that they formally notified the U.S. of their objections to an American consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem.
    The two leaders, along with Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman, were holding a press conference on the state budget when the subject turned to the consulate. Knesset lawmakers passed state budgets for 2021 and 2022 on Thursday night.
    According to numerous reports, the administration of President Joe Biden planned to wait until after a budget was passed before pressing Israel on the consulate issue. Failure to pass a budget by November 14 would have automatically triggered snap elections and put American diplomacy on hold for months. With the budget out of the way, Bennett and Lapid are apparently trying to pre-empt renewed U.S. demands.

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  • Jerusalem Marathon :: Running Through Israel’s History
    Today is the annual Jerusalem marathon. The track runs through beautiful areas of Jerusalem and draws upon Israel’s rich history in its eternal unified capital…

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: zeevveez [License]

    10th Jerusalem Winner Marathon: Running Through 3,000 Years of History

    Article Courtesy: Boulder Jewish News

    The 10th Jerusalem International Winner Marathon will be held on October 29th, with the participation of tens of thousands of runners from around Israel and the world.
    The traditional marathon includes a track through breathtaking scenery, which integrates a challenge to the runners and spectacular landscapes that tell the story of Jerusalem throughout the city’s 3,000 years in existence: The Israel Museum, the Supreme Court, the seat of Israel’s presidency, the walls of the old city and the Armenian Quarter, the Tower of David, the Khan theater, the Sultan’s Pool and more.

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  • Can The U.S. So Simply Open a Consulate for Arabs in Jerusalem?
    The current United States administration has been rattling its swords with demands to open a special U.S. consulate in Jerusalem. The expressed purpose is the servicing of Arabs living in Israel’s territories. However, it is clear that the move is an attempt to undermine Israel’s sovereignty in its eternal unified capital. The question remains, can they legally do so against Israel’s desire and based on established U.S. policy?

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs [License]

    The American Consulate in Jerusalem – the Bottom Line

    Article Courtesy: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

    The complexity and delicacy of the consulate issue are being compounded by the Palestinian leadership’s statements. They are turning the case into a symbolic focal point in their claims to re-divide Jerusalem and to cancel the former administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

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