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  • World leaders, survivors gather in Jerusalem for Fifth World Holocaust Forum (YNet)
    Jerusalem today is the scene of a historic event for the Jewish Nation. World leaders from dozens of countries have arrived for ceremonies marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration and death camp. During the Holocaust millions of Jews were systematically exterminated by the German Nazis and their collaborators. It was a dark time in human history that destroyed a huge amount of world Jewry. It was a time when few Jews could imagine our return to Israel with Jerusalem as our eternal unified capital. Now, many years later, Jerusalem is proud to host this event with the participation of leaders from around the world. Today’s ceremony takes place at Yad Vashem, Israel’s national memorial in Jerusalem for the Holocaust.

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Number 10 [License]

    WATCH :: World leaders, survivors gather in Jerusalem for Fifth World Holocaust Forum

    Article Courtesy: YNet News

    Dozens of world leaders gathered in Jerusalem on Thursday to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, amid a backdrop of rising anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States. The event is lauded as being Israel’s biggest diplomatic event in history.
    The Fifth World Holocaust Forum that was to take place at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum under the banner “Remembering the Holocaust, Fighting Antisemitism,” coincided with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland and International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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  • Israel opens Jerusalem for all to see the facts of history
    One of the best ways to disinfect the world from lies and deceit is to open the doors and windows and let in the light. Israel continually works toward this goal by opening access to Jerusalem for all to see and experience the capital. While it is certainly important to preserve the archeological artifacts, it is even more important to allow everyone to experience those actual artifacts. In this way, we can preserve the TRUTH about Israel’s ancient roots in Jerusalem. The current walls of the Old City of Jerusalem are actually more modern, dating back “only” a few hundred years. They were constructed by the Ottoman Turks in the 1500s after yet another conquest and occupation of Jerusalem after the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples. This occupation by the Muslims followed many centuries of occupation by many other conquering nations. Interestingly, there remained at least a small Jewish presence during most of the millennia despite the banishment of most Jews during the Diaspora. Also on display in Jerusalem are the ancient original walls of the city as well as remnants of the Holy Jewish Temples from thousands of years ago. Come, see and experience! Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

    Illustrative photo credit: Dennis Jarvis [License]

    Jerusalem opens new section of famed Ramparts Walk

    Article Courtesy: Israel21c

    One of the best ways to tour the Old City of Jerusalem is from above via the South Ramparts Walk, from Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall.
    After about five years of work, the full North Ramparts Walk route is now open. It stretches about 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) from Jaffa Gate to Lions’ Gate, with a bird’s-eye view of the Christian and Muslim Quarters and the Mount of Olives. Infrastructure such as balustrades and lighting have been installed.

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  • Significance of Asara B’Tevet Fast in Our Day
    Today is the fast of Asara B’Tevet, the 10th day of the Hebrew month of Tevet. It is the day when the Jewish People fast and pray intensely, remembering when the Babylonians laid siege against Jerusalem thousands of years ago. This event led to the eventual destruction of the Holy Temple and most of the ancient Israelite capital city. It also led to the expulsion of the Jews and the occupation of the city by the Babylonians. This article explains more about why this day is so significant for Jerusalem’s ancient Jewish history, even until today. In today’s day and age where we see the buds of anti-Semitism spreading, we understand the significance of the dangers based on history…

    Photo Credit: TPEF: Jewish women praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, circa 1911 [License]

    Getting to the Root of the Problem

    Article Courtesy: Mizrachi World Movement

    The nations of the world generally establish special days to commemorate victories and successes, while preferring to forget defeat and failures. Knesset Yisrael is different: we do not have a selective memory; our tradition imbues our consciousness not only with celebration of glory, but also with commemoration of periods of destruction.
    [Tracing the Roots of Destruction, Rav Aharon Lichtenstein]

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  • Light Will Forever Shine Bright From Jerusalem
    In these recent days of darkness, with spreading anti-Semitism in the world, we need Chanukah now more than ever. Over the past several weeks the Jewish People of the Diaspora have suffered an increased number of attacks. These have included in Jersey City, NJ; Brooklyn, NY; Teaneck, NJ; and last night in Monsey, NY. During these dark times, the nation must look to Jerusalem and see the eternal light emanating from Israel’s eternal unified capital. The celebration of Chanukah celebrates the rekindling of the Menorah that stood in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. It was such a significant event in Jewish history due to the centrality of the Temple and Jerusalem to the identity of the nation then and until today. It symbolizes the Jewish Nation’s hope and return to Jerusalem during a very dark time in our history. This is why Jerusalem and Chanukah remain rallying points for Israel as a country and for the Jewish people as a whole. Even during our darkest moments we remember that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. We send a warm embracing hug and a message of light and hope to all during these trying times — especially on this eighth and final night of Chanukah.

    Illustrative photo from Chanukah lighting ceremony at Jerusalem’s Western Wall with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, U.S. Amb. Friedman and flanked by IDF soldiers. Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem / Matty Stern [License]

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  • The Iron Menorah of the Hasmoneans (The Temple Institute)
    This fascinating painting and article are a snipet from a more complete explanation about the History of The Golden Menorah, courtesy of The Temple Institute in Jerusalem…

    The Iron Menorah of the Hasmoneans

    Upon liberating the Holy Temple from the Greeks, the Hasmonean kohanim entered the Temple Sanctuary to remove the idolatrous objects brought in by the Greeks and to purify the Sanctuary and its vessels. They discovered that the golden Menorah and the golden Incense Altar had both been stolen by the Greeks. They immediately located seven iron bars and with them fashioned a very simple but functional seven branched Menorah. It was this Menorah that they lit using the only cruse of pure olive oil that remained in the Holy Temple.

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  • Ancient Road Discovered in Jerusalem Connects to Holy Sites
    This archeological discovery of an intricately developed road connects to two important holy sites in Jerusalem… and as usual, not even an inkling of archeological connection to Muslims or “palestinians.” In fact, not a single archeological find has ever shown a people or nation of “palestine”, nor has there ever been a connection between Arabs and the biblical Philistines. This certainly makes sense, as the Arabs actually originate from the Arabian Peninsula and not the Land of Israel. On the other hand, literally countless archeological finds in Jerusalem directly connect the Jewish People to the city, as its eternal unified capital… for thousands of years.

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Steve Conger [License]

    Archaeologists in Jerusalem Dug Up a Road Built by Pontius Pilate

    Article Courtesy: Discover Magazine

    An archaeological excavation begun 125 years ago has wrapped up with a fascinating discovery: A Roman-era street connecting two religious destinations in Jerusalem was likely built by Pontius Pilate.
    Researchers were able to date the 720 feet of uncovered road to about A.D. 30, thanks to coins found along the pavement. That lines up with the governorship of Pontius Pilate, a prominent figure in the Bible. If Pilate commissioned this ornate road, he spent more time building public infrastructure than historians previously gave him credit for, the authors explain in a paper published in Tel Aviv: Journal of the Institute of Archaeology.

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  • Arab Assault on Jerusalem Through Illegal Destruction and Construction
    The Arab leadership continues their attempt to steal Jerusalem from Israel. After many failed attempts at forcefully conquering Jerusalem in war, the Muslim extremists have taken to the slow but affective method of destroying artifacts that prove Israel’s ancient heritage in the city. they are making every attempt to annihilate Jewish history while illegally constructing new “facts on the ground.” However, the Jewish People can never allow this. We encourage the Israeli government to step in and protect Jerusalem. We must stand for the TRUTH about Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal unified capital!


    Article and Photo Courtesy: The Temple Institute

    This photo was taken last week of work being done by Arab workers in an underground chamber beneath the al aqsa mosque on the southern end of the Temple Mount. The underground chamber which was originally part of the substructure which served Temple pilgrims during the latter days of the second Holy Temple, and was later known as Solomon’s Stables during the Crusader period, was occupied 20 years ago by the Muslim Waqf and turned into an underground mosque. That confiscation and all subsequent renovation made on the site was done without government authorization and is illegal. Permanent damage and destruction occurs to ancient structures dating back to Temple times. As of this report the Israeli authorities have not intervened to stop the construction/destruction.

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  • Israel Defends Against Attack On Its Jerusalem Sovereignty
    The extremist Muslims that control the “palestinian authority” have been continuing their attack on Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem. They have continually created dangerous institutions in Jerusalem that incite people to continue their jihadist terrorism. Israel has fought back against these institutions and against these attacks on its sovereignty — here’s how:

    Illustrative Photo Credit: The Israel Project [License]

    Israel Police close a number of Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem over incitement

    Article Courtesy: jns.org

    Israel Police closed multiple Palestinian institutions on Wednesday on orders issued by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, The Jerusalem Post reported.
    The order was given after intelligence revealed that the Palestinian Authority was operating a branch of the Palestinian Education Ministry in the Islamic al-Aytam school in Jerusalem’s Old City. The branch, which operated as the Palestinian Parents Committee, was funded and run by the P.A., and undermined Israel’s sovereignty by inciting forceful and violent actions.

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  • Jerusalem’s Temple Mount :: What’s In a Name?
    The continual momentum of Israel-hating in the world has slowly but surely chipped away at TRUTH and reality… especially when it comes to Jerusalem. When the terrorists failed to destroy the only Jewish country in the world and steal our capital city of Jerusalem by force, they turned to lies and politicians to do the job for them. The Muslim extremists have invented “narratives” and created a new language that aim to destroy and steal Jerusalem and all of Israel from the Jewish People. One of these attempts is to rename Jerusalem’s Temple Mount by using only the name created by Muslims occupiers thousands of years after the First and Second Commonwealths of ancient Israel. During the times of the Tanach (Bible) and throughout the millenia, the area was known by several names, including Har HaBayit (Temple Mount) and Har HaMoriah (Mount Moriah). However, the Muslims extremists have slowly convinced many in the world, including large sections of the European Union and the United Nations, to use the Arabic name Haram al-Sharif. This is a name given to the area by the Muslim occupiers thousands of years later.

    It is our job to fight for the TRUTH about Jerusalem! We must show the world that no amount of lies and renaming of Jerusalem’s ancient sites can change the TRUTH. The history and reality of Jerusalem are not negotiable and not a “narrative” — they are facts. No amount of voting by the UN or EU can change the name of Jerusalem or the Temple Mount… and their votes certainly cannot change the fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal unified capital!

    Image Credit: The National Library of Israel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

    154 U.N. nations call Temple Mount solely by Muslim name Haram al-Sharif

    Article Courtesy: JPost

    The UN gave its preliminary approval to a resolution that referred to the Temple Mount solely by its Muslim name of Haram al-Sharif.
    The resolution passed at the UN’s Fourth Committee in New York 154-8, with 14 abstentions and 17 absences. It was one of eight pro-Palestinian resolutions approved on Friday, out of a slate of more than 15 such texts the committee is expected to approve. The UN General Assembly will take a final vote on the texts in December.

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  • Jerusalem Prepares for Islamic Terror Missile Attacks
    Photograph is a screenshot of a missile explosion near Gan Yavne in southern Israel from this morning. The missile exploded on a major highway and injured at least four people. Image courtesy: The Layers Project Magazine
    Israel has been under missile attacks all day today from the Muslim terrorists in Gaza. As of this writing, at least 190 missiles have been fired at the civilian population of Israel, with multiple injuries already reported. This has been the terrorist’s response to Israel’s targeted elimination of Baha Abu al-Ata, the terrorist leader of Islamic Jihad that headed the Al Quds Brigades in Gaza. Israel’s now-famous Iron Dome has been deployed to protect the people — people of all faiths and backgrounds. Unfortunately, some missiles have exploded in Israel and several injuries of various severities have been reported. The citizens of Jerusalem understand that Israel’s unified eternal capital remains a major target of Islamic terrorism and have been preparing for this as well. We are on high alert and we will do what is necessary to protect our citizens.
    Have you heard about any of these attacks in the main stream media? Have you heard any uproar from the media about the obvious war crimes being committed by these terrorists?
    Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem and Israel!

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