Archbishop Attacks Israel Ignores Muslim Barbarity

On Christmas eve, as thirty five Catholics were killed by bombs set by Muslim terrorists in Nigeria, in London a senior prelate Archbishop Vincent Nichols focused his message on land disputes between the people of Israel and residents of Bethlehem but ignored the massacre of Christians by Muslims in Egypt, Nigeria, and other parts of the Muslim world.

Even if one limits the topic to the Christians of Bethlehem, Israel is not the cause of the many life and death problems facing the Christians of Bethlehem. Since the Palestinian Authority gained control of Bethlehem the Christian population of the city has gone from 80% to less than 25%. The reason for this decrease in population is the systematic persecution of Christian Arabs by their Muslim overlords. Just like in Egypt, the Christians of Bethlehem find Muslim populations intolerant of their continued existence.

Instead of attacking Israel the Catholic Archbishop would be doing a public service by stating the truth. The truth of Muslim persecution. Right now, too many Catholic prelates are helping the destruction of ancient Arab Christian communities by failing to confront Muslim persecution and lying about Israel.

Certainly, the Archbishop knows that the State of Israel protects the rights of its Arab Christian and Muslim populations. He should speak these truths.

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