As Egypt Becomes More Radical U.S. Aid Is About To Flow

As news broke that one of the oldest synagogues in the world (which is located in Alexandria, Egypt) will not hold services for Rosh Hashona or Yom Kippur by order of the Egyptian security services, news also broke that the United States is moving vigorously ahead to bail out Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government.
Given its radical ideology, why is the United States committing American tax dollars to bolster the new Egyptian government?
Its recently elected President Morsi has visited Iran, curtailed (outlawed) criticism of his government, and has done nothing to stop radical elements from raising their heads in the new Egypt. Read here about the maltreatment of non- Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians.
Shouldn’t the United States wait and see if the Muslim Brotherhood will defend religious liberty and keep the peace with Israel before it helps prop up this troublesome government?

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