Bloggers Conference Call with Dr, Michael Widlanski

Dr. Michael Widlanski has written an important book on how our media, academic, and security elites often miss the threat from radical Islam. Battle for our Minds: Western Elites and The Terror Threat should be read by every American and every elected official. Get the book here!

There is a real threat to our national security coming from the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and their off shoots like CAIR. For a variety of reasons our policymakers often refuse to recognize this challenge. Battle for Our Mind shows how this failure contributed to the successful attacks on the World Trade Center and other assaults on our national security, including the massacre at Fort Hood executed by Major Hassan. Battle For Our Mind exposes the ignorance of New York Times columnist Tom Friedman and other members of the media. It also focuses attention on the misstatements of President Obama, Director of National Security James Clapper, and other security officials who refuses to see the threat of radical Islam. We highly recommend purchasing and reading Battle For Minds. Moreover you should consider giving a copy to Congressman and United States Senator. You can buy copies at One Jerusalem’s bookstore. You can listen to Dr. Widlanski’s conversation about the book here.

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