Do you believe Obama’s Tough Talk?

With Prime Minister Netanyahu visiting Washington and President Obama fighting for his political life the President has publicly used rhetoric on the topic of Iran nukes that is new to him.

His new verbalization of his position can be summarized with these words from his AIPAC speech today:

“I do not have a policy of containment; I have a policy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. I will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the United States and its interests.”

He used similar language in an interview.

Less attention has been drawn to other aspects of his speech and his interview.

President Obama continues to insist that “diplomacy” is worth pursuing. He said, ” I firmly believe that an opportunity still remains for diplomacy, backed by pressure, to succeed.”

This is a continuation of the failed three year policy of engaging the radicals in Tehran.

Does anyone believe that sanctions and talks will convince the Iranians to give up their nuclear program?

President Obama did get one important point right when he said, ” After all, the only way to truly solve this problem is for the Iranian government to make a decision to forsake nuclear weapons.”

And from his rhetoric it is clear that he believes there is a chance for that government to conclude that they should end their nuclear program. Do you agree?

President Obama also believes in the power of “crippling sanctions” but he does not mention that the sanctions are being undermined by China, India, and Russia.

Perhaps the most troubling part of the speech was the President’s lecture about toning down the rhetoric of war. If he really believes that is a problem he should tell his Administration, the source of all the talk about a possible attack on Iran, to clam up.

Those talking about a possible attack are his Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff and his Secretary of Defense. This Administration seems to feel that publicly speculating when Israel might attack against Iran is an appropriate way to operate.

Here is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response to President Obama’s speech:

“I appreciate the fact that he repeated his position that Iran should not be allowed to develop nuclear weapon and that all the options are on the table. I also appreciate the fact that he said that in the Iranian issue, containment is not an option. But most of all, I appreciate that he said that Israel must be able to defend itself against any threat.”

Are we witnessing a policy sea change on Iran by the Obama Administration? Do you believe he has put a credible military option on the table?

Let us know your thoughts.

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