Global Assault on Jerusalem

On Friday March 30th, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, George Galloway (Saddam Hussein’s great apologist) and assorted anti-Semites are uniting to sponsor a universal march on Jerusalem.

Their stated aim is to stop the “Judaizing” of the capital of the Jewish people.They proclaim that defending the city against an (imagined) onslaught by the Zionists. They announce themselves as the protectors of the Palestinian people.

Nowhere in their documents will you find mention that Jerusalem is and has been the capital of only one people — the Jewish people.

Nowhere will you read that from 1948-1967 the Arabs governing the Old City of Jerusalem refused access to Jews. No where will you read that Jews were killed by Arab armies and driven from their Jerusalem homes.

Nowhere will you read that Arab Christians were denied access to the Old City.

Nor will you read in their propaganda that under Israel’s control Jerusalem is a free and open city where all pilgrims are welcome and protected by the State of Israel.

As Jewish Jerusalem is under attack from people who have declared their intention to annihilate the Jewish nation we need to redouble our defense of the Holy City.

If you can, please send us a donation so we can combat this highly organized assault.

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