Hamas Leader Calls For Assault On Jerusalem

As unconfirmed reports circulate that Hamas is about to renounce violence, the leader of the terrorist group recently told tens of thousands of supporters that he is committed to forming an Arab Army dedicated to “liberating” Jerusalem.

The rally was held under the banner, “Jerusalem, We are coming.”

The rally also heard that Hamas is committed to launching intifada after intifada, to liberate all Palestinian lands. Hamas also boasted that it had killed 1,365 Israelis.

In light of these fighting words, you might think that the world would come to realize that Israel has no negotiating partner on the Palestinian side. If you thought that, you would be wrong.

Yesterday, the Quartet called for the immediate resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. So Israel should seek talks with its enemies who just declared war on it.

Israel needs our continued support in these very troubling times.

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