Photo of Fallen Jerusalem Police Officer Zidan Saif

Honoring a Hero Jerusalem Police Officer

Seven years ago today a hero Jerusalem police officer named Zidan Saif z”l was shot and killed in an Islamic terrorist attack. The officer rushed in to protect civilian Jewish worshipers who were being attacked by Muslim terrorists who stormed a synagogue in the middle of morning prayers. The police officer was a Druze man and his close-knit family and friends established a non-profit organization in his memory that is supported by Israelis from all sectors of society. The organization promotes technological initiatives and education for excellence in mathematics in the Druze sector. To make a donation you can go to this site (The site is in Hebrew). May his memory, and all those who were murdered, be blessed.

Photo of Fallen Jerusalem Police Officer Zidan Saif

Jerusalem Synagogue Attack: Israeli Police Officer Zidan Saif Dies of Wounds

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Druze officer Zidan Saif who was seriously injured in the attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem has succumbed to his wounds.
Saif was shot in the head during a gunfight with the two Palestinian assailants who entered the synagogue on Tuesday with knives, axes and guns, attacking worshippers. He is the fifth victim to die in the attack.
Druze community leaders and residents of Saif’s village of Yanuh-Jat in the Galilee praised Saif as a hero.
“We are proud of our sons who act fearlessly on the front against terrorist attacks,” Muefek Tarif, a spiritual leader of the Druze community, said according to the NRG news site.
“This is a dark day for the Israeli public and the State of Israel, a day when its citizens are murdered for their Jewish beliefs.”
“The Druze community strongly condemns the act of terrorism, where Palestinian terrorists massacred and slaughtered innocent civilians.”
The traffic policeman is survived by his wife and four-month-old daughter, according to Channel 10.
The death toll is now five Israelis killed, several others wounded and the two Palestinian assailants who were killed in a police shootout.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered authorities to demolish the assailants’ homes, following an emergency security meeting after the attack.
Israel Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said two assailants entered the synagogue on Tuesday with knives, axes and guns, launching a violent assault on worshippers. The attackers were named as cousins Ghassan and Oday Abu Jamal, Palestinians from East Jerusalem.

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