Iran’s Supreme Leader Threatens Israel — Again

At Friday prayers, the head of Iran’s theocratic state reiterated that Iran will continue to support any groups, like Hezzbolah, that are dedicated to destroying the Zionist State. This so-called religious leader, who has ordered the killing of many of his people, said Israel is “cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut.”

This public display of hatred comes as the Obama Administration keeps warning Israel about not attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. Yesterday Secretary of Defense Penetta predicted that Israel might attack as early as the Spring. The Obama Administration is also behind off-the-record predictions that an attack will lead to economic catastrophe for the United States and the West.

Why is the Obama Administration so focused on Israel? Why is it warning an ally through the press? Aren’t Israel and the United States after the same objective: Stopping Iran’s nuclear program?

Yesterday, while in Israel, the United Nation’s Secretary General once again challenged Iran to prove that its nuclear program was “peaceful.”

There is no way Iran can not prove peaceful intentions when it has made clear that intends to eradicate Israel and the United States. If Iran’s nuclear program was peaceful it would not have built a facility to enrich uranium to weapons grade. That facility is in full operation.

Is Israel wrong in preparing to stop Iran’s nuclear program?

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