Is America Serious About Stopping Iran?

Remember the recent reaction of the US to Iran’s plot to assassinate a foreign national on our soil? Our representatives pounded their chests declaring that Iran would pay for this illegal and outrageous activity. In the heat of the revelations which centered on the arrests by the Justice Department there was some talk of perhaps putting a credible military option in the mix of policies aimed at stopping Iran’s nuclear program.

To no ones surprise, our military option has not materialized and it seems that all the bluster about increasing economic sanctions (Does anyone believe sanctions will stop the nuclear program?) comes the story that the United States is “Backing Away” from sanctions on Iran’s national bank.

What? Is the Obama Administration trying to prove to the world that it is not committed to stopping Iran’s nuclear program? Because that is what this decision does. It says to Iran and the world that Iran has the power to deter the United States from taking serious economic action against the outlaw regime in Tehran.

This troubling news comes just days before the International Atomic Energy Agency is
reportedly going to declare that Iran’s nuclear programs is speeding ahead with the development of weaponized nuclear energy. This is a time the United States must be seen by Iran as serious about denying Iran’s messianic rulers the ability to produce nuclear weapons.

Writing in today’s London Daily Telegraph, Con Coughlin and expert on Iran’s mullah’s says:

“The US President’s softly-softly approach has failed to deter the ayatollahs in their bid to acquire nuclear weapons.”
Judging by the Obama Administration’s cowering actions, Mr. Coughlin appears to be correct.

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