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Islamic terrorists attack Israelis in Jerusalem

A recent spurt of terrorists attacking Israelis in the holy capital of Jerusalem has gone largely unreported, or at the very least under-reported. Yesterday and again today, Jerusalem’s Old City was the scene of Muslim terrorists who stabbed policemen. In response, police and security defended themselves and the civilians around them by neutralizing the terrorists. Of course, this brought about the usual condemnations from various sources. Then, there was this… the Associated Press, in the usual style of the mainstream media, presented a shameful and biased headline about the terrorist attack. The AP’s headline read “Israeli police shoot dead attacker after Jerusalem stabbing.” Everything about that headline smells of anti-Israel bias.
Firstly, the headline should clearly state the obvious – an Muslim terrorist began attacking Jews in an attempt to stab them to death. In this case, the victims were police officers. Secondly, the police responded by neutralizing the active threat by shooting the terrorist. Simple. The vagueness of the headline’s wording is no accident — it leaves the impression that there’s this entity called a “Jerusalem stabbing” that started the whole problem. Instead of clearly stating that an Arab terrorist caused the problem, the news agency tries to hide the truth in their vague headline. And finally, no one shoots a dead attacker — it should have read “police shoot attacker dead,” if nothing else.

You can read more about the recent Arab terrorist attacks against Jews here, courtesy of JPost:

Terror stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City injures two

Illustrative Photo Credit: John Rodgers [License]

Two Israel Police officers were stabbed by a terrorist wielding a knife in Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday. The officers shot back and the shooter was killed.

The attack happened at the Cotton Merchants’ Gate, one of the entrances to the Temple Mount.

One of the officers, 24, is in light condition and the other, 20, is in moderate condition, MDA reported. The two received emergency medical treatment on-site and were evacuated for further treatment.

The area was quartered off and large police forces arrived at the scene and collected evidence.

“Terrorists and extreme elements will continue to attempt to ignite the area and Jerusalem’s policemen and policewoman will continue to be alert and prepared,” Public Security Minister Omer Bar Lev wrote on Twitter.

“Once again a disaster was avoided due to a quick and determined response. I wish a speedy recovery to the two injured officers,” he wrote.

A similar stabbing attack occurred on Sunday morning, making this the second attack in as many days.

The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) – a coalition of a number of armed Palestinian groups opposed to what they regard as the conciliatory approach of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah towards Israel – called on Palestinians to continue to escalate the situation, Palestinian Media reported.

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