Israel’s Capital Is Jerusalem Unless…

You are reading Britain’s influential Guardian. The Guardian’s style book has designated Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. This came to light when the Guardian “corrected” a picture caption in had published which correctly reported Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A spokesman for Israel’s responded to this outrage:

“Actually, it’s the Guardian who owes an explanation to its readers for publishing something that cannot be described but as a blatant lie. When a claim is so factually wrong as to insult intelligence, then unfortunately the word ‘lie’ is not too harsh, and one cannot but wonder about the motivation of such a conceit.”

CAMERA has more on the Guardian’s anti-Israel reporting.

You can now read a fascinating account of the fighting in the Old City of Jerusalem by a Christian priest who lived through the battles in the Old City in 1948. The Rev. Jones’s War Diary can be found here.

Here is an excerpt. He reports that King Abdullah visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchral and said this prayer, “Lord Jesus, in the Name of all your prophets, Abraham, Isaac, . . . give us the victory over the Jews, who have forsaken their

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