Illustrative Photo Credit: Israel's Ballot Slips by Ari Bronstein [License]

Israel’s Democratic Elections :: The Knesset Sits in Jerusalem

Illustrative Photo Credit: Israel’s Ballot Slips by Ari Bronstein [License]

Today is Israel’s national elections. It is part of the democratic process that provides the nation with pride, as they choose the next leadership for the Knesset — Israel’s parliament that’s located in Jerusalem. All citizens of Israel, including Jews, Muslims and Christians, are eligible to vote. It is the ONLY democratic elections held anywhere in the Middle East, including in the “Palestinian” controlled areas. The leadership of the “Palestinian” Arabs has refused to hold elections since 2005, despite promises in the past to do so every 4 years. The current leader of the “Palestinian Authority” (PA) is 14 years into what was supposed to be a 4 year term!
This same Muslim leadership that refuses to hold elections is the leadership that insists on taking control over Jerusalem. They make promises of peace and security but the facts tell a very different story. In fact, the PA is not unique in their lack of democracy. It is a story that is repeated throughout the Muslim and Arab world.
In contrast, Israel holds its democracy as a very high value. The country holds elections for Knesset at least every 5 years, with every citizen’s vote counting equally. It is a way of government that was chosen by Israel due to its value placed on freedom. It is also not by chance that Jerusalem was chosen as the seat of the national government. Rather it was chosen due to its centrality as the eternal unified capital of the Jewish People for thousands of years!
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Rivlin votes in Jerusalem, calls on all Israelis to exercise their right

Article Courtesy: YNet News

President Reuven Rivlin voted Tuesday in the general elections in the capital of Jerusalem, and called on all Israelis to go out and exercise their right to vote.
“Those who will determine who will be the next prime minister is not the president or any party leaders. Those who will decide the outcome is you,” he said.

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