Image courtesy: The Layers Project Magazine

Jerusalem Prepares for Islamic Terror Missile Attacks

Photograph is a screenshot of a missile explosion near Gan Yavne in southern Israel from this morning. The missile exploded on a major highway and injured at least four people. Image courtesy: The Layers Project Magazine
Israel has been under missile attacks all day today from the Muslim terrorists in Gaza. As of this writing, at least 190 missiles have been fired at the civilian population of Israel, with multiple injuries already reported. This has been the terrorist’s response to Israel’s targeted elimination of Baha Abu al-Ata, the terrorist leader of Islamic Jihad that headed the Al Quds Brigades in Gaza. Israel’s now-famous Iron Dome has been deployed to protect the people — people of all faiths and backgrounds. Unfortunately, some missiles have exploded in Israel and several injuries of various severities have been reported. The citizens of Jerusalem understand that Israel’s unified eternal capital remains a major target of Islamic terrorism and have been preparing for this as well. We are on high alert and we will do what is necessary to protect our citizens.
Have you heard about any of these attacks in the main stream media? Have you heard any uproar from the media about the obvious war crimes being committed by these terrorists?
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