Jerusalem’s Future Under Abbas

In his recent speech before the United Nations the Palestinian leader acknowledged Christianity and Islam but deliberately ignored any Jewish presence in Jerusalem. This is par for course for Abbas. He’s a Holocaust denier, his PhD dissertation “proved” the links between Nazism and Zionism.

And he has publicly stated that the Jews never built a Temple in Jerusalem nor did they ever rule from Jerusalem. Abbas is joined by other Muslims who argue the same bastardization of history. A few years ago, One Jerusalem helped focus international attention on the Muslim religious authorities in Jerusalem who were dumping thousands of years of Jewish archaeological history, in a brazen attempt to rid the Temple Mount of any Jewish artifacts.

This disregard and willingness to distort history is important to understanding Israel’s enemies. Their war against Jewish history extends to Christianity and even Muslim history. In other words history is to be manipulated to serve political ends.

Even the cities of Mecca and Medina are being invaded by modernization and the history of Islam is falling victim to this assault. A recent article on this assault on history includes this:

Yet growing numbers of citizens, particularly those living in the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina, have looked on aghast as the nation’s archaeological heritage is trampled under a construction mania backed by hardline clerics who preach against the preservation of their own heritage. Mecca, once a place where the Prophet Mohamed insisted all Muslims would be equal, has become a playground for the rich, critics say, where naked capitalism has usurped spirituality as the city’s raison d’etre.

Imagine what these destroyers would if they got a foothold in Jerusalem.

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