Land Assault on Jerusalem

March 30, is the date set by an international coalition of anti-Semites for a “Global March on Jerusalem.”

The terrorists and their fellow travelers have stated their goals in these words:

“The march will demand freedom for Jerusalem and its people and to put an end to the Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and Judaisation policies affecting the people, land and sanctity of Jerusalem.”

“The march will confirm that the policies and practices of the racist Zionist state of Israel against Jerusalem and its people are a crime not only against Palestinians but against all humanity.”

“The march will unite the efforts of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all citizens of conscience in the world to put an end to Israel’s disregard for international law through the continuing occupation of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestinian land. We aim to make this march a turning point in the nature of the confrontation, with the occupation having to face millions of protesters and demonstrators demanding Freedom for Palestine and its capitol (sic) Jerusalem.”

For detailed information on the march and the organizers see Hadar Sela’s two part report on CiF Watch.

Also check out her article in the Commentator.

Ms. Sela is to be applauded for the in-depth, valuable research she has provided on this important story.

Now more than ever we need to recruit more people to sign the united Jerusalem petition. Ask friends and family to sign. Supporters of Israel must be recruited so we can increase our influence.

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