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Media Attempts to Undermine Jerusalem and Israel’s History

We won’t allow anyone to undermine Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal unified capital. Everyone who really knows about the Seder and Haggadah for Pesach (Passover), knows that for thousands of years we sing “Next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem!” This is in recognition of Jerusalem’s ancient and eternal status as the Jewish Nation’s capital. In fact, this has been true for a thousand years before the Muslim religion was created or any Arab had even come to Jerusalem.

In addition, Disney’s video erroneously says that after escaping slavery in Egypt, the Jews “found their new home that they called the Holy Land.” The fact is that the ancient Israelites had been enslaved in Egypt after having come there from the Holy Land of Israel seeking food during a long famine. Thus, the return to Israel was not to find a “new home” but rather to return home — to the Land of their forefathers and foremothers — with Jerusalem as its capital!

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Image Courtesy: Screenshot of Disney video

Disney Can’t Hide Their Contempt for Jewish Tradition in Hiding “Jerusalem”

Article Courtesy: by David Lange

The Disney channel’s In the Nook recently featured a Pesach/Passover special. See if you can spot the reinvention of Jewish tradition they promulgate.
The answer is of course that is not what we say at the end of the Seder. We say “Next year in Jerusalem.”
And others have noticed too.

There is absolutely no doubt they deliberately altered the phrase because of political correctness and Wokesterism. They do not want to admit that we have been pining to return to Jerusalem for thousands of years (and thankfully many of us made it!).
Do you honestly think if they were running a PSA for Muslims, they would replace mention of “Mecca” with “that crowded place in western Saudi Arabia”?
Note to Disney: Do not dare try to dilute the importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people. Sure, you are not as blatant in your contempt for Jews and Judaism as times of old, but you are not fooling this proud Jew for one.

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