Muslim Brotherhood and More Radical Islamic Parties Are Winners

Last night, a public television show that only sees peace and love breaking out of the Arab uprisings, presented an interview with one of their reporters who is covering the elections in Egypt. The reporter refused to put a happy spin on events in Egypt even though her hosts tried to perpetuate the myth that Egypt’s democrat future looks encouraging. They even showed a clip of one of Egypt’s reformers coming to New York to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street deadbeats.

No matter how you try and spin the events in Egypt the truth is that this first round of elections show that the situation is worse than even the realists imagined. This weeks elections took place in Cairo and Alexandria — the centers of the secular movement in Egypt. Political analysts had predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood would win the most seats and secular parties would be in second place. The results did not produce this outcome. The Brotherhood won big (40%+) but even more radical Islamic parties won 25% of the vote while the Western style liberals came in a poor third with 10%of the vote. The radical Islamic parties are the ones who are carrying out the deadly attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christian communities.

The next stage of the elections will take place in the rural areas where radical Islamic forces are even stronger.

Meanwhile, a leader of the Brotherhood told the reporter that Israel is guilty of breaking its treaty with Egypt. This is of course a blatant lie. Since Mubarak’s fall, Israel’s embassy in Cairo has been attacked as Egyptian security forces looked on and natural gas lines from Egypt to Israel and Jordan have been repeatedly sabotaged because the Egyptian government is not guarding the pipeline.

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