No To A Jewish State

Since the death of Yasser Arafat, the international community (which includes the State of Israel) have promulgated the fiction that his successor, Mahmud Abbas was a Western style reforming moderate. Abbas helped establish this image with his Western style dress.

In their mad rush to turn him into something he was not, the West ignored Abbas’ sordid history. He wrote that the holocaust never occurred and that there was never a Jewish capital in Jerusalem. This Holocaust denier who carries the title of President (even though his term in office expired long ago and he refuses to call new elections) is propped up as a legitimate world leader. Even his relationship with Hamas did not damper the West’s enthusiasm for him.

Now Abbas, is being targeted by the West. They want him to drop his bid to get the United Nation’s to declare a Palestinian State. But instead of acting responsibly Abbas is being defiant. In he is digging in his heels in a way that most certainly surprises the White Houses. Along with refusing to drop the UN gambit he has now openly rejected recognition of a Jewish State.

Today he said, “Don’t order us to recognize a Jewish state,” Abbas said. “We won’t accept it.”

According to a recent poll of American Jewish voters, there is overwhelming support for Israel’s position that demands the Palestinians recognize Israel as Jewish State.

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