Olmert Sells Out Israel And the Jewish People

The transformation of Ehud Olmert is complete and it is not very pretty.

We still have memories of Ehud Olmert, then Mayor of Jerusalem, defending a uniting Jerusalem as he spoke at the One Jerusalem rally in 2000 surrounded by 400,000 Israelis.

Sadly that Ehud Olmert is no more. That Olmert started to transform as he helped divide and almost destroy the Likud Party as he became the cheerleader for forcibly evicting Jews from their homes and synagogues in Gaza. For his work as a henchman for Sharon he succeeded to the office of Prime Israel of Israel.

His term as PM is noted for two things: Being forced from office because of criminal activities and his plan to divide Jerusalem and create a terrorist Palestinian State on the border of Israel.

This past week Olmert emerged from the shadows and he added more shame to his name. For some mysterious reason, the Jerusalem Post invited Olmert to speak at a conference the paper sponsored. (Who wants to hear from this disgraced personage?) When he rose to speak, the crowd vigorously booed him and urged him to vacate the scene.

Sadly he stayed and true to form he attacked the State of Israel and Americans who support Israel. In a post-conference CNN interview he made the wild claim that money from America stopped a deal with the Palestinians. Olmert blamed the failure to reach an agreement on everyone except the Palestinians. He also made the wild claim that the Israeli public approved of his appeasement plan.

Hopefully this is last time we will hear from the despicable Mr. Olmert.

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