Secretary of State Clinton and Susan Rice Ignore Netanyahu

You probably heard about President Obama not finding any time to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister (or any other head of State) during the opening of the United Nation’s General Assembly.
But to add insult to injury, when Netanyahu delivered the most important speech of the session, where he graphically showed the world how close Iran is to acquiring nuclear weapons, Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice were not in attendance. (We did see Rice at the head of the U.S. delegation when Abbas spoke.)
Claudia Rosett states the reality:
Amid the theater of U.N. summit speeches, where symbolism matters, Ambassador Susan Rice should have been right there in the chamber — not only to listen to America’s embattled ally, but to be witnessed by the world, and especially by other delegations to the U.N., heeding every word and applauding at the end. If Rice absolutely could not be present, Secretary of State Clinton, also in New York for meetings, should have been there.
Instead, seated in Rice’s place at the head of the U.S. delegation was an under-secretary of state, Wendy Sherman. Sherman is a veteran of the Clinton administration’s unsuccessful nonproliferation dalliance with North Korea, and more recently took part in the Obama administration’s failed talks with Iran.

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