Supreme Court Sets Back Obama Administration for Ignoring Jerusalem Israel

In an overwhelming 8-1 decision, the United States Supreme Court, with Chief Justice Roberts writing for the majority, rejected the Obama Administration’s assertion that the Executive Branch has exclusive power to make all facets of foreign policy.

In a case financially supported by One Jerusalem, involving a young man born of American parents in Jerusalem, the Court ruled that the Executive Branch’s contention that United States passports issued in Jerusalem not include the word Israel can be challenged in the courts.

For years, Republican and Democrat administrations have deliberately refused to recognize in US passports that Jerusalem is part of Israel. Congress has contested this policy but the Executive Branch, in this case the State Department, has maintained undisputed jurisdiction over this issue.

Today’s decision allows judicial review of this executive branch contention.

To learn more about the case you can listen to the attorneys in the case as they discussed it on a One Jerusalem conference call.

You can also find details of today’s decision here.

One Jerusalem helped finance the prosecution of this important case and salutes the attorneys Nathan and Alyssa Lewin.

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