The City of David vs. the Propaganda Machine (

Politicians and the mainstream media have long tried to erase the Jewish People’s history in Jerusalem, as well as many other parts of Israel. In the struggle for Jerusalem, archaeology is key. Help us spread the truth by sharing this article.

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While the political battles rages on in the national struggle between the Jews and Arabs of Israel, another battle goes on behind the scenes, away from the public’s eye. For years, archaeology has been playing an increasingly crucial role in the battle of two opposing national narratives, however, while Israeli archaeologists and the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have worked to preserve Islamic sites, Islamic authorities have done all they can to deny and destroy any evidence of any historical Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, and especially the city of Jerusalem.

In the political arena, attacks on Israeli archeological practice in Jerusalem actually go back many years. In 1974, UNESCO was forced by the Arab states to vote for sanctions against Israeli digs in Jerusalem and to deny Israel membership in the organization’s European regional group. Although Israel was readmitted in 1977, UNESCO’s bias has continued, including declaring Rachel’s Tomb to be a mosque and even condemning Israel for putting archaeological sites in Judea and Samaria on its list of National Heritage sites.

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