The Control Factor

Remember when an American General commented after Major Hassan massacred American soldiers at Fort Hood that it was more important to preserve diversity than to bring Hassan to justice? General Casey said, Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity a casualty, I think that is worse.”
Why would a General put diversity before defending our troops?
This type of thinking ignored Major Hassan as he acted out his radical Islamic views. For years, the United States Army promoted Hassan even as he broke the rules and expressed his allegiance — but not to the United States of America.
The General’s emphatic statement is an example of what Bill Siegel, author of The Control Factor, describes as the influences within us that lead us to ignore facts we don’t want to deal with — “that effort our minds engage in order to keep us blind.”
Mr. Siegel does a masterful job explaining the threats facing our nation — threats that our policymakers generally refuse to take on. He explains the threats and why we psychologically pretend they do not exist. Throughout the book, B. Siegel provides invaluable insights into the Islamic threat that endangers our nation.
Siegel also provides guidance for how we can overcome the instinct to belittle the threat.
We strongly recommend reading this important book during these dangerous times.

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