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The world continues to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital

It’s taking longer than it should. It’s taking longer than we would hope. However, it is happening. The world is slowly recognizing the facts of history, the realities of the present and the glorious future of Jerusalem. Despite all of the lies and terrorism, the TRUTH about Jerusalem’s place as Israel’s eternal unified capital is shining through the darkness. We need to continue our quest to SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem. Please help by sharing the TRUTH and never backing down in the face of lies and evil!

Illustrative photo credit: Joachim Tuns [License]


Article Courtesy: Jerusalem Post

Israel and Honduras recently held talks about the possibility of the Latin American country moving its embassy to Jerusalem, but the Honduran government still needs to make a decision, a senior diplomatic official said on Tuesday.
The comments come amid local reports in Honduras that senior officials have expressed a willingness in making the move.
“There is a negotiation, discussions with the Honduran authorities and for the moment no decision has been made,” the Guatemalan Prensa Libre news website quoted Foreign Ministry Spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon as saying. “These are still the first steps.”
Shortly after the US moved its embassy in May, Honduras was among the leading candidates – along with Guatemala and Paraguay – to follow the US lead and also move their delegations to Jerusalem.
Both Guatemala and Paraguay made the move, though Paraguay has since moved its’ back to Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is still waiting for Honduras.
Along with Guatemala, Togo and four small Pacific island states, Honduras was one of only seven countries that voted along with the United States and Israel in December against a UN General Assembly resolution condemning the US for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
If it moves its embassy, Honduras expects Israel to reciprocate with its own changes, including upgrading the current Israeli consulate in Tegucigalpa to a full embassy – at a cost of an estimated $1 million annually, and deepening bilateral trade. The Hondurans also are interested in getting advice from Israeli experts on crime fighting, water management, agriculture and cyber issues.
Netanyahu may meet Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez next week in Brazil at the inauguration of president Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro has expressed his intention to move Brazil’s embassy to Jerusalem.

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