Undeterred By Mounting Criticism Rice Takes on Israel, Again

If Barack Obama gets re-elected, one of the leading candidates to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is the current United Nation’s Ambassador Susan Rice.
Rice is one of President Obama’s closest and trusted advisers. It was Rice who became the Administration’s lead apologists after U.S. Ambassador Stevens was murdered in Benghazi.
Five days after four Americans were slaughtered, Rice appeared on several news programs explaining that the murders were not pre-planned but resulted from crowds that gathered to protest a video.

She told this fanciful story days after the news media reported that there were no demonstrations in Benghazi and that the Americans were the targets of the planned attack.

Rice continues to argue that she said what she thought was the truth.

Now that Hillary Clinton has taken center stage on behalf of the Administration on this issue, Rice is turning her energies to criticizing Israel before the world.

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