When Does The World Herald an Ex-Mossad Chief?

When he appears to be more pacifist than the government of Israel.

So Meir Dagan, who has been reviled by the left-wing media for being too aggressive in defending the State of Israel, is now a guest on 60 Minutes and his words are propelled around the world by Israel’s nemesis the JTA.

While Mr. Dagan seems out of place in public role of critic of the State of Israel, his message is not nearly as critical of Israel’s supposed policies as J Street would have you believe.

Read his Sixty Minutes interview .

In it, Dagan does not dispute that Israel must stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. He acknowledges that Iran would kill most Israelis if they get nuclear capability. He calls them rational but not in a Western sense. He points out that it is in Iran’s interest to increase oil prices because oil is its primary source of revenue.

He repeats that now is not the time for Israel to strike — but he does not rule out future attacks on Iran. He prefers the United States take the lead in attacks.

There is one area where Dagan’s message is unique from everyone else. Daily we hear about sanctions and possible military attacks but no one else is advocating assisting opponents of the regime in Iran. In fact, the Obama Administration abandoned pro-democracy in Iran when Iranians were risking their lives while protesting against the Iranian regime.

With sanctions being undermined by Russia and China we should be assisting the opponents of the Iranian regime. In other words, it is a smart idea to listen to Dagan and not to rely on interpretations of his words. He is not a pacifist or an advocate of taking military action off the table. In fact, he says that the Iranians are rational enough to take into consideration the consequences of their actions.

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