Your Tax Dollars Are Financing Israel and America Bashing on TV

Years ago One Jerusalem was one of the first critics to shed light on a Palestinian children’s program that glorified suicide bombings. A pre-teen girl was filmed ranting about the God given glory of entering Jerusalem to commit a suicide bombing. Our efforts, and those of several other groups, put pressure on the United States government to stop its part of the financing of this corrupting show.

Last night, the taxpayer funded Public Broadcasting Company(PBS) broadcast as part of their Masterpiece Contemporary series a two-hour program titled Page 8. The show follows the trials and tribulations a long time member of the British intelligence service who becomes embroiled in a drama concerning a report that shows that a British Prime Minister kept secret relations with the United States that supposedly endangered the lives of British nationals. How British nationals were endangered is never explained but the theme that the Big Bad Americans are the culprits permeates the story line.
And, in addition, the makers of this film stretching credulity with their secondary story line: Israel’s Defense Forces killed a young innocent protester. One of the high points in this film is the Prime Minister chastising Israel for keeping secret a report that condemns the action of the the IDF. To develop this sub-plot, which is not germane to the overall story, we meet an attractive lady who’s brother was the victim of Israel’s action and her distinctively Arab looking father.

This film is slick, well acted, and populated with top caliber actors. It delivers its anti-Israel and anti-America messages in an entertaining way.

This film series is funded in part by American tax dollars, contributions by Americans to PBS, and Viking River Cruises. When a public institution like PBS presents soft but blatant anti-American, anti-Israel propaganda it is incumbent on us to let PBS and its sponsor know we oppose their sponsorship of such messages.

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