Jerusalem coronavirus wedding video snapshot. Full video here:

A Coronavirus Wedding in Jerusalem (JewishPress)

Right about now we can all use some uplifting news — and this is a great one! The coronavirus concern that has been overtaking the world is a serious one. Something that Israel has taken quite seriously with intense restrictions, including the limiting of gatherings to 10 people or less. Well, that could seriously put a damper on a wedding, right? Thanks to a bit of thought and ingenuity along with great joy and love — this Jerusalem wedding will be one to remember! The happy couple and organizers went to great lengths to maintain the joy fitting of a wedding while preserving the health of participants following public health guidelines. The video can be seen at the full article link.

Image and article courtesy: Jerusalem coronavirus wedding video snapshot. Full video and article here.

A Coronavirus Wedding in Jerusalem

Life doesn’t end just because the country is under strict quarantine restrictions. In just means that people that need to be creative to make sure they keep themselves and everyone else safe while complying with all the Coronavirus regulations.
And that includes when getting married.
A wedding was held at Mercaz HaRav today, and the participants filled up the balconies around the wedding, 2 or 3 to a porch, and few people at the Chuppah.
Mazel Tov, truly a wedding to remember.

The video can be seen in the link below.

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