Photo Courtesy: The Temple Institute

Arab Assault on Jerusalem Through Illegal Destruction and Construction

The Arab leadership continues their attempt to steal Jerusalem from Israel. After many failed attempts at forcefully conquering Jerusalem in war, the Muslim extremists have taken to the slow but affective method of destroying artifacts that prove Israel’s ancient heritage in the city. They are making every attempt to annihilate Jewish history while illegally constructing new “facts on the ground.” However, the Jewish People can never allow this. We encourage the Israeli government to step in and protect Jerusalem. We must stand for the TRUTH about Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal unified capital!


Article and Photo Courtesy: The Temple Institute

This photo was taken last week of work being done by Arab workers in an underground chamber beneath the al aqsa mosque on the southern end of the Temple Mount. The underground chamber which was originally part of the substructure which served Temple pilgrims during the latter days of the second Holy Temple, and was later known as Solomon’s Stables during the Crusader period, was occupied 20 years ago by the Muslim Waqf and turned into an underground mosque. That confiscation and all subsequent renovation made on the site was done without government authorization and is illegal. Permanent damage and destruction occurs to ancient structures dating back to Temple times. As of this report the Israeli authorities have not intervened to stop the construction/destruction.

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