Illustrative Photo Credit: Hakan Dahlstrom [License]

Arabs try legal pressure on U.S. in continuing bid to deny basic truth about Jerusalem

The Muslim extremists that control the “Palestinian Authority” (PA) continue to deny the basic truth about Jerusalem. They continue to pretend that the holy city has no Jewish history. Anyone who knows even the most basic thing about world history know that Jerusalem has been the Jewish People’s capital for thousands of years. It is this basic truth that led to the United States’ moving of its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The PA has continued its campaign of lies and is attempting to use political and international legal entities to advance their lies. This article explains…

Illustrative Photo Credit: Hakan Dahlstrom [License]

Palestinians seek UN court order to remove US Embassy from Jerusalem

Article Courtesy: Israel Hayom

In a bid to amass international pressure to remove the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday submitted a list of charges against Washington to the United Nations’ International Court of Justice.
“One year after the Trump administration carried out its provocative and illegal action, the State of Palestine continues to seek justice and accountability through the tools and mechanisms available to law-abiding and respecting states within the international system,” PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki said in a statement published by Wafa news outlet.
Vowing to continue the battle against “illegal acts of aggression,” the Ramallah-based administration promised not to “surrender to political bullying and extortion.
In September, when the PA initially filed the suit, it asked the ICJ judges “to order the United States of America to withdraw the diplomatic mission from the Holy City of Jerusalem.”
The PA has boycotted the Trump administration since it recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017.
Ties have since deteriorated, with the U.S. slashing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinians in an attempt to force it to renounce support for terrorism and resume negotiations for a peace agreement.

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