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Elections in Israel to determine the new Knesset list to sit in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the seat of government in Israel, with the Knesset — Israel’s parliament — located in the center of the capital city. Israel has gone back to the polls in this fourth democratic election within two years. While Israel prides itself on its free elections, there is certainly hope that this round will bring with it a longer lasting government. Like all of Israel’s elections, all citizens are afforded an equal vote for their government representatives. In contrast, the “palestinian aurthority”, that wants to divide Israel’s capital, has not held an election for about 15 years. In addition, they have made it clear that should they be given a state, they will exile all Jewish people and would not provide equal rights to all of its citizens.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Galit [License]

Israel Elections: Politicians, public figures, cast their ballots

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Politicians, including prime ministerial candidates, MKs and party leaders set a public example as they went out to cast their ballots, beginning in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the day of Israel’s fourth elections in two years.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara voted together in Katamon, Jerusalem.
“We are going out to exercise the democratic right, and for me it is especially exciting to come with my wife who has had a very difficult week. I thank you for all the wishes of Israeli citizens, you touched our hearts and moved us. Sarah is healthier and voting,” said the prime minister
Yesh Atid head and assumed prime ministerial candidate Yair Lapid went to vote and urged his supporters, “We need your vote to make Yesh Atid a big powerful force for change. For a big change you need a big party!”

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