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How The Arab Leadership Deals With Facts In Jerusalem

It’s the ultimate irony when the “palestinian authority” accuses Israel of using archaeology to falsify the facts of Jewish history in Jerusalem and all of Israel. The Arab leadership here have long used lies and deceipt to deal with the uncomfortable facts of Israel’s ancient and current history. No amount of twisting reality can change the facts for the made up “palestinians.” The only nation to have ever created Jerusalem as their capital city is the Jewish Nation. The Arabs conquered the land many centuries ago and left it all but desolate and destroyed during their reign. However, they only did so many centuries AFTER the first and second ancient Israelite commonwealth time periods… times when Jerusalem was universally recognized as Israel’s eternal unified capital. And… the Jewish Nation returned to our ancient homeland and re-established modern Israel in exactly the same location. Those are the facts and archeological finds throughout the city prove it!

Photo For Illustrative Purposes Only. Credit: orientalizing [License]

PA: Israel trying to falsify history

Article Courtesy: Arutz7

The Palestinian Authority’s foreign affairs bureau on Tuesday called on the United Nations, and specifically UNESCO and the World Travel & Tourism Council, to take legal and moral responsibility for Israel’s archaeological excavations in “occupied Palestinian lands” and to establish an international commission of inquiry on this issue.
In a statement, the bureau warned archaeologists around the world not to take part in this “crime” because their possible involvement in the excavations could have legal significance and damage their academic record.
In addition, the PA foreign affairs bureau demanded that museums in the world carefully examine all archaeological finds originating in Israel and refuse to accept them if they were “stolen” from the “occupied Palestinian land.”
The bureau also stressed that the archeological excavations carried out by Israel are a flagrant violation of international law, which prohibits the “occupying” state from removing archeological findings from the occupied territory.
The foreign affairs bureau claimed that Israel seeks to exploit the archeological excavations as a means of falsifying facts and history in a way that will serve the narrative of the “colonialist occupation.”

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