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Israel Defends Against Attack On Its Jerusalem Sovereignty

The extremist Muslims that control the “palestinian authority” have been continuing their attack on Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem. They have continually created dangerous institutions in Jerusalem that incite people to continue their jihadist terrorism. Israel has fought back against these institutions and against these attacks on its sovereignty — here’s how:

Illustrative Photo Credit: The Israel Project [License]

Israel Police close a number of Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem over incitement

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Israel Police closed multiple Palestinian institutions on Wednesday on orders issued by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, The Jerusalem Post reported.
The order was given after intelligence revealed that the Palestinian Authority was operating a branch of the Palestinian Education Ministry in the Islamic al-Aytam school in Jerusalem’s Old City. The branch, which operated as the Palestinian Parents Committee, was funded and run by the P.A., and undermined Israel’s sovereignty by inciting forceful and violent actions.
All staff were reportedly removed from the school, files were confiscated, and the school’s director, Samir Jibril, was arrested.
“A fierce battle is under way here for the future and identity of Jerusalem, and every step should be taken to thwart the P.A.’s attempts to incite residents of east Jerusalem against Israel,” said Erdan. “The activity that I ordered closed constitutes an intensification in the attempts by the P.A. to interfere with the education of children in east Jerusalem and to introduce inciteful content into the Israeli education system.”
Israeli intelligence and police additionally stormed the office of Palestine TV and confiscated some devices, according to an employee. The TV station was closed because it broadcast anti-Israel and anti-Zionist content that incited violence against Israel, and was also illegally funded directly by the P.A., which goes against the Oslo Accords.
Security forces also closed the Arab Health Center in Jerusalem, confiscated files and surveillance camera footage from the office, and arrested its director.
Erdan has signed 10 closure orders against the P.A. in Jerusalem since the start of 2019, as well as initiated a legislative amendment to make its activities within Israeli territory criminal and punishable by up to three years in prison, according to The Jerusalem Post.

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