Israel Goes To Elections

This week, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced that his governing coalition will be terminated and new elections will be held in January. While internal politics are the primary driving force behind this decision to hold elections, the elections will serve Israel in another way.

By Israeli standards this government has been one of the most stable and productive in Israel’s history. Despite world-wide economic problems, Israel is seen as one of the most economically sound economy’s in the world. Despite, growing unrest in the Middle East, Israel is a beacon of security and civility.

These elections will allow the citizens of Israel the opportunity to show the world what they think about such pressing issues as a nuclear Iran. In the United States there has been over the top coverage of left wing critics in Israel who are critical of Netanyahu’s hard line stance against Iran. This opposition has been used by the Obama Administration as it conducts its Iran policy which appears to come up short if the goal is to deny Iran nuclear weapons.

Israeli voters will have the opportunity to show the world that they support all efforts to stop a nuclear Iran from coming into existence – that Netanyahu represents the will of the nation.

You can check the latest polls in Israel here.

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