Obama Invites Muslim Brotherhood To The White House

President Obama, who has been accused of leading from behind has wasted little time in helping to legitimize the new Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt. Obama has invited him to the White House.

There have been numerous reports that the Obama Administration undermined secular democrats in Egypt by helping the Muslim Brotherhood attain power. For some reason the Administration feels that the Muslim Brotherhood is preferable to secular democrats and Hosni Mubarak.

One can ask why does the Obama Administration think the Muslim Brotherhood will be anything other than a committed opponent of Israel and American interests in the region?

As Obama extended his hand to Morsi (Egypt’s new President) Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the expediting of a security fence along the border with Egypt. Netanyahu acted because since the fall of Mubarak, Hamas and other terrorist groups in the area have been allowed to carry out attacks against Israel. And Morsi has declared Hamas friends of the Brotherhood.

These developments are very troubling indeed.

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