Placing Politics Above National Security

We fear for Israel. We have confidence that Israel has the character and the ability to defend itself from the external enemies. But we are deeply concerned by recent comments by a former Israeli spy chief who publicly announces that he has no confidence in Israel’s elected leaders to handle the threat from Iran. In his statements he made the ludicrous comment that an attack on Iran’s nuclear program will (in his mind) “speed up” the nuclear program.

Really? Destroying all or part of the nuclear program will some how speed up the program?

The logic of this statement is non-existent.

And Mr. Diskin also accused Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak of being advocates of starting a “messianic war” with Iran. You can accuse the above mentioned leaders of Israel of many things but being messianic is not one of those things. These are men of this world and enjoy life here. Unlike many of their Iranian counterparts.

Why is Mr. Diskin being so critical? Why did a video of his speech hit the internet as soon as he finished speaking?

Because this was the beginning of his campaign to unseat Mr. Netanyahu. Yes he is running for elected office.

But he is unfit for any responsible job because war with Iran should be made into a political football. Prime Minister Netanyahu has never publicly advocated war and neither should any of Israel’s public citizens. Mr. Diskin is feeding Israel’s enemies in a stupid attempt to further his political aspirations.

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