You Don’t Have To Be A Victim To Know Anti-Semitism Has Become Kosher

One of America’s most prestigious publishers gave two unbalanced critics of Israel $750,000 to write an unscholarly screed condemning the State of Israel. Today, the author of this anti-Israel book is treated as a legitimate scholar in one of America’s influential intellectual magazine’s, The Atlantic.

All around us there is disturbing evidence that anti-antisemitism is being mainstreamed and accepted. Recently, the most influential liberal think tank, The Center for America Progress, referred to American defenders of Israel as Israel-Firsters: In other words their loyalties are to Israel before loyalty to the United States. Branding some one a traitor should trigger protests. Instead, the Director of J Street ( a group that claims it supports Israel) explained away the use of the term.

One Left-wing commentator calls out his fellow progressives for their use of anti-Semitic code words here.

Meanwhile, in Austria Hitler’s homeland old line anti-Semites are once again on the rise. Here is a description of a gathering of Neo-Nazis that takes place every year in the official residence of the President of Austria.

“Vienna’s Hofburg Palace, official residence of the Austrian president Heinz Fischer, will host – as in previous years – the annual ball of the infamous Vienna Korporationsring, an association of German-nationalist fraternities who maintain a gateway between the extreme right, namely the Austrian Freedom Party(FPOE), and the neo-Nazis. In past years this ball has served as a networking event for Europe’s extreme right.”
You can read about the persistence of anti-Semitism in Austria in the Commentator.

Of course, the target of all these forces is the State of Israel. Allowing the Goldstone’s of the world to get away with their unjustified criticisms of Israel fuels the fires of anti-Semitism.

We must remain forever vigilant and vocal.

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