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  • Arabs try legal pressure on U.S. in continuing bid to deny basic truth about Jerusalem
    The Muslim extremists that control the “Palestinian Authority” (PA) continue to deny the basic truth about Jerusalem. They continue to pretend that the holy city has no Jewish history. Anyone who knows even the most basic thing about world history know that Jerusalem has been the Jewish People’s capital for thousands of years. It is this basic truth that led to the United States’ moving of its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The PA has continued its campaign of lies and is attempting to use political and international legal entities to advance their lies. This article explains…

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Hakan Dahlstrom [License]

    Palestinians seek UN court order to remove US Embassy from Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Israel Hayom

    In a bid to amass international pressure to remove the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday submitted a list of charges against Washington to the United Nations’ International Court of Justice.

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  • Yom Ha’atzmaut :: Israel’s Celebration of Renewed Independence in Our Ancient Homeland
    Today is Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. As every year, the official state ceremonies are centered in Jerusalem. We celebrate Israel’s 71st anniversary of our renewed independence in our ancient homeland, with Jerusalem as our unified eternal capital. Below is a wonderful article listing 71 + 1 reasons that we love Israel… see how many of them revolve around Jerusalem!

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Rahel Jaskow [License]


    Article Courtesy: JPost

    Israel’s Watergen machine that pulls water out of thin air was sent to California firefighters at the 2018 Camp Fire, the state’s most destructive wildfire ever.
    2. Families from the Hadar Ganim neighborhood of Petah Tikva went south to Moshav Shuba to plant trees and set up a communal public garden after the fire damage caused by kites from Gaza.
    3. The American Theater Wing’s Tony Award for best musical went to The Band’s Visit, based on a funky Israeli movie.
    4. The original plot of The Band’s Visit hinges on a bus information clerk who misunderstands the Egyptian visitor’s pronunciation of “Petah Tikva.”
    5. Petah Tikva, the “mother of all settlements,” is Israel’s leading city in terms of positive migration and the most in demand measured by mortgage requests.
    6. The Jerusalem YMCA has a kosher certificate.
    7. The Israeli television series On the Spectrum won the top prize at the Series Mania Festival in Lille, France.
    8. The Israel TV series Shtisel, about a religious family in the Geula neighborhood in Jerusalem, has become a cult favorite on Netflix.
    9. In 1882, Baron Edmond (Benjamin) de Rothschild sent French experts to survey the land, and sent his own viticulturists to plant vineyards. Today new wineries are being opened by French immigrants.
    10. An IDF soldier who found the afikomen at his army base’s Passover Seder was rewarded with a day’s leave/freedom.

    See more in the extended article… especially the last item on the list!

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  • The Past, Present and Future of Jerusalem
    In a world of conflicting “facts” and “narratives” it’s important to come back to the basics. Jerusalem’s past and present are not open for debate. It has a history based on facts. It has a present based on reality. And it has a future based on truth and justice. We are proud of all of it! Read more below and please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

    Illustrative Photo Credit: John Rodgers [License]

    Archaeology, the City of David, and the Future of Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Mosaic Magazine

    A few weeks ago, archaeologists announced the discovery in Jerusalem of clay seals from the 6th century BCE that appear to have belonged to one of the courtiers of King Josiah mentioned in the biblical book of Kings. The discoveries were the product of ongoing excavations of an area known as the City of David, thought to be the main part of Jerusalem in First Temple times. Persistently denying all of the facts of Jewish history in the land of Israel, pro-Palestinian activists have condemned the excavations as the work of “settlers” trying to undermine their claims to Jerusalem. Jonathan Tobin writes:
    Critics of the City of David Foundation, [which oversees the excavations and the concomitant preservations efforts], are also against its activities because they believe that the area should be part of a future Palestinian state. They say that the development of the site and the digs are part of an effort to prevent a redivision of Jerusalem that would enable the Palestinian Authority to put its capital in the city. . .
    [T]he effort to delegitimize the work at the City of David points to a basic problem: . . . if you’re going to deny Jewish rights to the place where King David and his descendants ruled their ancient kingdom, then you can deny them any place in the country. And that is what Palestinians have continued to do. Their effort to treat the City of David or even the Western Wall as linked to Jewish myths rather than to the beginning of Jewish civilization is inextricably linked to their refusal to recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish state, no matter where its borders might be drawn.
    Nor can it be argued that in a two-state solution, the Palestinians could be trusted to safeguard historical sites such as these. Just this week, evidence surfaced of ancient tombs in the Jericho area—territory that is governed by the Palestinian Authority—being looted by local Arabs. This is a commonplace occurrence throughout the [Palestinian-administered] territories; the region’s ancient Jewish heritage is being systematically destroyed by those out to make a profit or whose main goal is to eradicate the abundant evidence of the ancient Jewish ties to this land.

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  • Passover :: Next Year in Built-up Jerusalem!

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Passover Haggadah by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives [License]

    For thousands of years, since the destruction of the holy Jewish Temples in Jerusalem, the Jewish nation has longed to return and rebuild. The special Pesach (Passover) Seder meal famously includes the joyous singing of “L’Shanah Habah B’Yerushalayim Hab’nuyah!” — “Next Year in the built-up Jerusalem!” This is a declaration made into song that has been recited and sung at the Seder for thousands of years. This represented several things, including the return of the Jewish people to our Land, with Jerusalem as its unified eternal capital. It represented the importance and centrality that Jerusalem always held and always will hold in the lives of the Israelites until this day. We are not satisfied with merely returning to Jerusalem but rather look forward to fully rebuilding and developing the city. The declaration represents the understanding that the central Mitzvah (Commandments) of the holiday is the bringing of the Korban Pesach (Passover Offering) in the rebuilt Holy Temple in the center of Jerusalem. It is testament to the importance and centrality of Jerusalem to the nation — and very much explains why Jerusalem was chosen as the modern State of Israel’s capital… just as it always has been!
    We wish everyone a very happy Pesach from Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal, unified capital!
    Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

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  • Israel’s Democratic Elections :: The Knesset Sits in Jerusalem

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Israel’s Ballot Slips by Ari Bronstein [License]

    Today is Israel’s national elections. It is part of the democratic process that provides the nation with pride, as they choose the next leadership for the Knesset — Israel’s parliament that’s located in Jerusalem. All citizens of Israel, including Jews, Muslims and Christians, are eligible to vote. It is the ONLY democratic elections held anywhere in the Middle East, including in the “Palestinian” controlled areas. The leadership of the “Palestinian” Arabs has refused to hold elections since 2005, despite promises in the past to do so every 4 years. The current leader of the “Palestinian Authority” (PA) is 14 years into what was supposed to be a 4 year term!
    This same Muslim leadership that refuses to hold elections is the leadership that insists on taking control over Jerusalem. They make promises of peace and security but the facts tell a very different story. In fact, the PA is not unique in their lack of democracy. It is a story that is repeated throughout the Muslim and Arab world.
    In contrast, Israel holds its democracy as a very high value. The country holds elections for Knesset at least every 5 years, with every citizen’s vote counting equally. It is a way of government that was chosen by Israel due to its value placed on freedom. It is also not by chance that Jerusalem was chosen as the seat of the national government. Rather it was chosen due to its centrality as the eternal unified capital of the Jewish People for thousands of years!

    See the extended article for more…

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  • How’d a Jewish Town End Up UNDER an Arab Jerusalem Neighborhood?
    An amazing discovery in Jerusalem! Jewish artifacts from an ancient Jewish town were found under an Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem. Now, how on earth did a Jewish town end up UNDERNEATH an Arab neighborhood?! Yes, that’s right… It’s because the ancient Jewish Israelites lived in Israel, with Jerusalem as their capital, many centuries BEFORE the Arabs ever stepped foot in the Land of Israel. It was not until the Arab conquest of Israel many centuries later that the Arabs built their neighborhoods on top of the destroyed Jewish towns. Despite all of the lies and deceit of the main stream media, the United Nations and much of the Arab world, Jerusalem has always been the eternal unified capital of Israel!

    Illustrative photo credit: Ya`akov Billig, IAA

    Extravagant Hasmonean Burial Estate Discovered in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority

    In Jerusalem’s Sharafat neighborhood the Israel Antiquities Authority is conducting a salvage excavation prior to the construction of an elementary school. They’ve uncovered a Jewish village from 2,000 years ago, dating to the Hasmonean period. Within this ancient domestic area the IAA has identified a water cistern, rock quarries and a large miqveh (ritual bath). The most significant discovery at the site is an elaborate burial estate chiseled into the bedrock.
    The tomb’s courtyard was lined with a bench hewn from the bedrock, similar to tombs found in the Sanhedriah neighborhood. The bench was presumably used by those visiting the tomb to mourn the dead. Past the tomb’s façade, within the burial cave itself, a number of kochim (burial niches) were hewn into the bedrock of the walls. Out of respect for those buried within, and in accordance with the orthodox restrictions of disturbing burials, the IAA has sealed the tomb.

    See the extended article for more…

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  • Prayers in Jerusalem as Islamic terrorists continue firing missiles into Israel

    Photo Credit: Israel Defense Forces [License]

    Jews from all over the world have come to Jerusalem to pray for the safety of Israel during the increased terror attacks of the past several days. Over the past few days Israel has been facing an increased number of missile attacks by the Islamic terrorists in Gaza. Hundreds of missiles and mortars have been fired at the Israeli towns and cities that border with Gaza. The terrorists have also fired several long-distance missiles with larger warheads deeper into Israel.
    It is often said that Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorism. However, this isn’t really true. To be clear, Israel doesn’t have ‘the right to defend itself’ but rather it has ‘the obligation to defend itself.’ In addition to the necessary military response by the Israeli Defense Forces, the nation and the Jewish People have turned to Jerusalem. The capital city of Jerusalem is not only the political capital of the country; it is the spiritual capital of the entire Jewish People around the world for thousands of years. It is the focal point of Jewish prayer wherever the Jewish person is in the world. Fittingly then, the Jewish People face Jerusalem, envision Jerusalem and physically come to Jerusalem to pray for the safety of our country and people. This is precisely what the Jewish People have done for thousands of years and continue to do until today. We pray for our civilians who are under fire. And we pray for our dear soldiers who are protecting us!
    We look forward to a true peace in the region, where the enemy and the world finally recognize the TRUTH about Jerusalem and Israel. A time when everyone recognizes that the past, present and future must be based in facts, justice and security. Please help us by SHARING the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

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  • Look at what was found in Jerusalem in time for Purim!
    The Purim holiday celebrates the Jewish defeat of its enemies in Persia. Here’s an ancient artifact that was found in Ir David, the archeological site in Jerusalem from ancient Israel.

    Photo Courtesy: Eliyahu Yanai, City of David

    Ancient clay jar fragment depicting ‘grotesque’ deity discovered in Jerusalem’s City of David

    Article Courtesy: Fox News

    An unusual clay jar fragment depicting a ‘grotesque’ ancient deity for scaring away evil spirits has been discovered in Israel.
    The fragment, which dates back to the 4th or 5th century B.C., was unearthed as part of the excavation in Jerusalem’s famous City of David.
    Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University found the artifact in a large refuse pit with other fragments from the time of Persian rule over the ancient Kingdom of Judah.

    See the extended article for more…

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  • To Those Who Tell Israel to Give Away Part of Jerusalem…
    There are those in the world that recommend (and often demand) that Israel give away part or all of Jerusalem to the Muslim Arabs on the “altar of peace.” Their claims (and lies) are that this is necessary, moral and will lead to peace for the Jewish Nation. However, we need to spread the TRUTH — it’s isn’t necessary, it is actually immoral and will never lead to peace. In fact, it will only lead to more war! This article explains more… “The goal of an Israeli victory is not to make Israel loved among her neighbors. Its purpose is to force Israel’s enemies to give up their goal of annihilating the Jewish state.”

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Christian Haugen [License]

    An Israeli Victory benefits both Jews and Arabs

    Article Courtesy: Mida.org

    IDF’s new Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi recently asked the IDF command to prepare the Israeli military for victory. If properly supported by Israel’s top political echelon, it could ultimately translate Israel’s many tactical but inconclusive victories into a strategic Israeli victory that finally ends the conflict between Israel and her hostile neighbors.
    In May 1948, most military experts were convinced that the nascent Jewish state would not survive the onslaught by numerically superior and better-equipped Arab forces. However, the Arabs and the military experts failed to take into account the Jewish people’s determined fighting spirit and improvisation skills. In an unlikely twist of history, the Jewish people, which was for centuries associated with powerlessness, created against all odds one of the world’s finest and most powerful defense forces.

    See the extended article for more…

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  • Jerusalem :: Eternal, Unified, Smart Capital of Israel
    Jerusalem is certainly known as an ancient city, the holiest city in the world and the center of the Jewish Nation for thousands of years. Now, it will become a “smart city.” This article explains…

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Florent Lamoureux [License]

    Holy City to become smart city

    Article Courtesy: Globes

    The tender for turning Jerusalem into the biggest smart city in Israel has been completed. Under the terms of the tender, a millimeter-wave (extremely high frequency) high-speed communications network will be deployed in the city connecting municipal offices, educational institutions, and security cameras at junctions and in parks in the city using bandwidth in the hundreds and thousands of megabits per second. The millimeter-wave network will also serve as a fast and stable infrastructure for smart city applications. The Jerusalem Municipality intends to deploy WiFi services as part of the tender.

    See the extended article for more…

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