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  • ‘Muslim historians consistently confirm Jewish ties to Jerusalem’ (JNS.org)
    It’s hard to hide the TRUTH about Jerusalem… despite the never ending attempts by extremists. However, when you look at things closely, you’ll find that even Muslim historians confirm the TRUTH! This article explains more…

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Peter Mulligan [License]

    ‘Muslim historians consistently confirm Jewish ties to Jerusalem’

    Article Courtesy: Jewish News Syndicate

    The book “Islam, Jews and the Temple Mount: The Rock of Our/Their Existence,” is bound to cause an uproar in the Muslim world. Published last year, it presents a comprehensive list of early Islamic sources that recognize the historical Jewish claim to Jerusalem, contrary to modern Muslim religious scholars who—in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict—deny any Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and promote the argument that no Jewish Temple ever stood there.

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  • What are the differences between Temple Mount, Western Wall and Al Aqsa Mosque?
    The main stream media often confuses Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the iconic Western Wall and the relatively modern building called the Al Aqsa mosque. However, it must be clarified that these are each quite distinct structures and locations. In fact, it isn’t by chance that the lines between them have been blurred. This has been a deliberate attempt by Muslim extremists to lie about Jerusalem’s actual history in order to gain control over Israel’s capital. This article helps SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem…

    Illustrative photo by Andrew Shiva [CC BY-SA 3.0 or Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

    8 things you need to know about the Kotel and the Temple Mount

    Article Courtesy: Inspiration From Zion

    There are many misconceptions about the Temple Mount, the Kotel and the Al Aqsa mosque. Confusion and even much conflict can be dispelled when the facts are made clear!
    Here are 8 things you need to know about the holiest site on earth for the Jewish people:

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  • Huge Loss for Jerusalem :: Famous Archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar Passes Away
    One of the most notable and famous Jerusalem archeologists in the world, Dr. Eilat Mazar, has died at the young age of 64 from illness. She has contributed some of the most important archeology research on Jerusalem that has documented Jerusalem’s true history. Her work has shown the world the fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal unified capital!

    Photo of Archeological excavations by Dr. Eilat Mazar, City of David, Jerusalem. Photo Credit: B Negin [License]

    Dr. Eilat Mazar, Famed Archeologist of Jerusalem, Passes Away

    Article Courtesy: The Jewish Press

    Dr. Eilat Mazar, a pioneering archaeology professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology, passed away on Monday. She was 64.
    Mazar was a third-generation Israeli archaeologist who participated in digs from a young age, as the granddaughter of Professor Benjamin Mazar who excavated the Land of Israel during the British Mandate period.

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  • No! Israel Does NOT Have a Right to Defend Itself… It Has An Obligation To Do So!
    Nothing is more distressing than watching people try to argue that Israel has “the right to defend itself”. It is like watching someone who’s drowning in the ocean trying to debate with people on the shore about having “the right to tread water”. Simply put — it’s ridiculous and must stop! Israel advocates must spend a considerable amount of energy trying to convince others of this “right to defense”. They go to extensive lengths to make government representatives and world leaders acknowledge this “right”. It has come the time that we clearly state the TRUTH — No, Israel does NOT have the right to defend itself against terrorists and enemy countries that seek to destroy it… Israel has the OBLIGATION to defend itself. This is the very basic obligation that any country and people has and debating this fact must stop. A drowning person should obviously never waste energy debating his or her right to tread water or swim. Likewise, we can no longer open for debate Israel’s obligation to defend its safety. Israel must take the actions that it knows are necessary to protect its very existence and sovereignty — without asking for persmission or stopping for debate. This is not just a change of wording but rather an entire change in the approach that must be internalized.

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  • Israel Under Attack :: Thousands of Missile Attacks in Just 3 Days

    Illustrative Photo: Mother consoles daughter after rocket attack. Photo Credit: Edi Israel / Israelnewsphotos.com via tipinfo [License]

    Islamic terrorists are firing an obscene number of missiles at Israel over the past three days. Even one is too much and an act of war but the current numbers are truly overwhelming. As of the time of this writing the count of how many missiles that have been fired at Israel in the past three days is about 2,000! A number of them have been hitting populated areas in the center and southern cities of the country. Quite a few people have already been killed, including a 6-year-old child this evening! Countless more innocent civilians have been injured and hundreds of thousands have had to hunker down in bomb shelters.
    Don’t expect the main stream media to report any of this — and certainly not accurately! It is up to us to SHARE the TRUTH with the world. Unfortunately, several social media platforms have been severely limiting the numbers of people seeing our posts despite content that meets all regulations and standards. Please continue to SHARE and comment and like our articles and videos in order to help spread the TRUTH!

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  • TODAY :: Israel Celebrates Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Reunification Day)
    Today is a most special day for Israel — Fifty-four years ago today the nation of Israel re-unified its ancient, modern and eternal capital of Jerusalem! It is a national holiday that brings to the forefront thousands of years of the Jewish People’s connection to the holy city — the most holy place on earth!

    Photo of Yom Yerushalayim celebration 2021. Credit: Unknown

    Jews and Jerusalem: A love story

    Article Courtesy: Israel Hayom

    The bond between the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people is profound. This love runs deep and has been expressed in a myriad of ways throughout the 4,000 years of Jewish history.
    The Temple Mount in the holy city of Jerusalem is Judaism’s holiest site, and to this day, every Jew turns towards it to pray.
    We temper our happiest moment – of celebrating with a bride and groom – with memories of the tragic destruction of our ancient Temple when we say under the chuppah (wedding canopy), Im eshkahech yerushalayim, tishkach yemini: “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning …” (Psalms 137:5).

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  • The TRUTH about the Muslim extremist riots in Jerusalem
    The main stream media has mostly ignored the horrific riots and attacks by extremist Muslim terrorists against Jews in Jerusalem. Here’s the TRUTH and how it relates to the Muslim month-long holiday of Ramadan…

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Sin.fronteras [License]

    What Media Won’t Tell You: The Root Cause of Riots in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Honest Reporting

    Coinciding with the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, the streets of Jerusalem have for the past two weeks been plagued by increasingly violent Palestinian protests. Night after night, hundreds of Palestinians, some of them hurling fireworks, rocks, and petrol bombs, have clashed with Israeli police. The riots have left dozens of police officers injured, and several innocent Israeli civilians have been brutally attacked by Palestinian mobs.

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  • Yom Ha’atzmaut in Jerusalem :: State of Israel Celebrates 73 Miraculous Years
    Wednesday was Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) that leads directly in to Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day), which begins on Wednesday night and continues through Thursday. The official national ceremonies take place in Israel’s eternal unified capital of Jerusalem.

    Illustrative photo credit: Israel Defense Forces [License]

    Israel at 73: Festivities & Dramatic IAF Flyover to Celebrate Independence Day

    Article Courtesy: The Jewish Voice

    Hundreds of Israeli flags are in place; the Air Force has been rehearsing its formation fly-by routine for days; platforms and sound systems stand ready in the main squares in town; and there’s a discernible festive air in the Jewish state. But before Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations of the nation’s 73rd birthday take place on April 15th, Israel pays its annual tribute to those who fell in battles and terror attacks that continue to claim lives even until today.
    Officially known as Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day, Yom Hazikaron takes place the day before Yom Ha’atzmaut, and the piercing siren brings the country to a complete standstill at 8 p.m., then again at 11 a.m. the next morning for two minutes of silent remembrance. The abrupt change in atmosphere between the two days is stunning and uniquely Israeli.

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  • Media Attempts to Undermine Jerusalem and Israel’s History
    We won’t allow anyone to undermine Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal unified capital. Everyone who really knows about the Seder and Haggadah for Pesach (Passover), knows that for thousands of years we sing “Next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem!” This is in recognition of Jerusalem’s ancient and eternal status as the Jewish Nation’s capital. In fact, this has been true for a thousand years before the Muslim religion was created or any Arab had even come to Jerusalem. In addition, Disney’s video erroneously says that after escaping slavery in Egypt, the Jews “found their new home that they called the Holy Land.” The fact is that the ancient Israelites had been enslaved in Egypt after having come there from the Holy Land of Israel seeking food during a long famine. Thus, the return to Israel was not to find a “new home” but rather to return home — to the Land of their forefathers and foremothers — with Jerusalem as its capital!
    You can read more below. You can also see the linked Disney video in IsraellyCool’s original article and support that site’s cause here.

    Image Courtesy: Screenshot of Disney video

    Disney Can’t Hide Their Contempt for Jewish Tradition in Hiding “Jerusalem”

    Article Courtesy: IsraellyCool.com by David Lange

    The Disney channel’s In the Nook recently featured a Pesach/Passover special. See if you can spot the reinvention of Jewish tradition they promulgate.

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  • Remembering Passover in Jerusalem in 1947
    Jerusalem has always been the focal point of Pesach (also spelled Pesah, Passover) around the world. This article shares the story of a very special Pesach Seder in Jerusalem from the eve the the rebirth of the Jewish People’s country, Israel.

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Ted Swedenburg [License]

    A Freedom Fighter’s Pesah

    Article Courtesy: Vision Magazine

    Between Israel’s slavery in Egypt and the final redemption in Jerusalem, the story of the Exodus continues throughout time. In every generation we find challenges and heroes in our unbroken struggle for complete liberation as we inch ever closer toward history’s ultimate goal.

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