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  • Jerusalem is The Heart and Soul of Israel
    The famous author Elie Wiesel shares the importance of Jerusalem to the heart and sould of the Jewish Nation. As always, in his beautifully poetic way…

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: jbdodane [License]

    Elie Wiesel: Jerusalem is Above Politics

    Article Courtesy: United With Israel

    Here’s the text of full-page ads that Elie Wiesel had taken out two years ago in The International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times:
    It was inevitable: Jerusalem once again is at the center of political debates and international storms. New and old tensions surface at a disturbing pace. Seventeen times destroyed and seventeen times rebuilt, it is still in the middle of diplomatic confrontations that could lead to armed conflict. Neither Athens nor Rome has aroused that many passions.

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  • Jerusalem :: Continued Development For The Return of The Jewish People
    The process of the return of the Jews to its rightful homeland has been slow but sure. Along those lines, the capital city of Jerusalem continues to be developed and celebrated by Israel. The continued development of the city is crucial to the return. Find out more here…

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    Jerusalem of Gold and Metal

    Article Courtesy: Jewish Press, Michal Popper

    The holy land of Israel was and will always be the chosen land for the Jewish people. From the beginning of time Hashem promised this land to our forefathers and they passed on that promise to the children of Israel for all generations to come.
    We as a Jewish nation have known great sufferings throughout time and our nation has been chased for many centuries. 72 years ago G-d in his infinite wisdom and goodness, returned the Jewish people to their homeland. Many Jews did return, but not all.
    The beautiful cities and roads of Israel are being built up every single day. The hilltops are growing homes like never before and mountains are spreading themselves wide, so that great big new roads can be paved through them, making room for all the children of Israel to come back home, like true children of the King.

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  • Tonight begins Tisha B’Av — What is it and why?

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    Tonight begins the 9th day of the Jewish month of Av. It is the most tragic day of the entire year. The date when the centerpiece of Jerusalem was destroyed — twice! The First and Second Holy Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed on the same Hebrew date thousands of years ago. This represented the downfall of the First and Second Jewish Commonwealths in Israel with Jerusalem as the capital. It is a day that is remembered with fasting, prayers and customs of mourning. The significance of this day still being commemorated in such a real way thousands of years later is a testament to the centrality of Jerusalem to Jews.
    We have now returned to our homeland and must continue to build our eternal unified capital — Jerusalem!

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  • Unbelievable Find in Jerusalem :: Capital of Judean Kingdom
    This huge discovery from 2,700 years ago shows the importance of the capital city of Jerusalem in the ancient Israelite Kingdom of Judah… This is from the time period of the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Facts on the ground tell the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

    Illustrative photo credit: Assaf Peretz, Israel Antiquities Authority

    Huge Kingdom of Judah government complex found near US Embassy in Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Times of Israel

    One of the largest collections of royal Kingdom of Judah seal impressions has been uncovered at a massive First Temple-period public tax collection and storage complex being excavated near the new United States Embassy in Jerusalem. The main Iron Age structure is exceptional in terms of both its size and architectural style, said Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Neri Sapir, who co-directed the excavation.

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  • How a Musical Jerusalem Family ‘Built’ Israeli Culture
    This is a wonderful story about a very special multigenerational musical family that helped build Israeli culture in Jerusalem — and how this story is told in one of Jerusalem’s most famous museums during these crazy Corona-times…

    Illustrative photo credit: Harry and Rowena Kennedy [License]

    ‘Building’ Jerusalem

    Article Courtesy: Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

    Museums are in crisis all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the loss of visitor revenue, many smaller museums are being forced to close, and larger ones are postponing reopenings because restrictions on the numbers of visitors make it economically unfeasible. In Jerusalem, the majority of museums are still closed, although the Tower of David Museum — one of Israel’s leading cultural institutions — has just now reopened its doors after being closed for three months in the height of the coronavirus pandemic.
    Nestled in the magnificent citadel at the entrance to the Old City, the museum has always appealed to tourists. Currently, it is featuring a new exhibition, running until April 2021, called “Banai: A Musical Journey From Persia to Jerusalem.”

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  • Can Jordan Demand That Israel Stop Development of Jerusalem?
    The Jordanian government has continued to challenge Israel’s sovereignty over its capital of Jerusalem. Of late, they have issued an official statement on behalf of the Jordanian foreign ministry, demanding that Israel stop any work at the Kotel (Western Wailing Wall). They claim that only the Jordanian Waqf (Islamic Religious Trust) has control over the entire Temple Mount area, where the ancient Israelites built the First and Second Holy Temples. Since Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, Israel has allowed the Waqf to administer the Temple Mount, the holiest place on earth for Jews. This was done in order to appease Muslims in hopes that the Arab world would once and for all conclude that peace with Israel is in the best interests of everyone. However, as has been well-proven over the decades since, the Muslim extremist governments that surround Israel have never been willing to negotiate a true peace. Instead, they continue to challenge Israel’s right to exist and demand that Israel divide and relinquish its capital. This can never be allowed. Israel must make their stance clear and strong… Jerusalem is the eternal unified capital of Israel!

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Rex Hammock [License]

    Rabbi Peretz: This is our answer to Jordan

    Article Courtesy: Arutz-7 News

    Jerusalem Affairs Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz visited the Mount of Olives Tuesday as part of his tours of historical and heritage sites across the country.
    The minister was accompanied by Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, Rabbi Tzuriel Krispel, the Director of the Council of Cemeteries in Israel, Jerusalem Development Authority CEO Eyal Chaimovski, and professionals from the Jerusalem Affairs Ministry. During the tour they visited the graves of Rabbi Kook, Menachem Begin, and Shai Agnon.

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  • This Morning :: Maintaining Jerusalem…
    The ancient stones of Jerusalem need constant attention — physically, spiritually and politically. Israel works tirelessly on all of the above. The picture above shows some of the routine inspection, cleaning and maintenance that is regularly done on the South West corner of the Kotel (Western Wailing Wall). This is a 2,000+ year old remnant of King Herod’s extension of the Temple Mount, when he expanded the Second Holy Temple in the years that he ruled over ancient Israel. Along with this maintenance work, the Jewish People continue our thousands of years old tradition of maintaining a deep spiritual connection to Jerusalem, directing our daily prayers toward Jerusalem. The structures being excavated in the lower half of the picture are ancient Israelite buildings discovered in an amazing archeological project that has revealed details about the significance of the area. It is only when Israel has held sovereignty over Jerusalem that people of all types from all around the world have been able to explore and pray freely in the Holy City. This explains why it is so important for Israel to also continue maintaining Jerusalem as the eternal unified capital of Israel.
    Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

    Photo Credit: AJS personal collection, June 29, 2020

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  • Jordan’s Attack on Jerusalem, Truth and Reality
    Israel must continue to battle the lies and attacks on Jerusalem. Islamic extremism is alive and well in Jordan, along with many other Muslim countries. The truth is that the Jewish People settled in Israel with Jerusalem as their spiritual and political capital thousands of years ago — long before Islam was created. The reality is that the Jews have maintained an unbroken chain of connection to Jerusalem throughout the millennia. The fact is that every inch of Jerusalem is oozing with ancient Jewish artifacts that prove the above. It is the duty of everyone who believes in truth, facts, reality to stand up for Israel’s eternal unified capital. Please SHARE the TRUTH about Jerusalem!

    Photo: City of David Archeological Excavations, 2014. Photo Courtesy: Jeremy S., Personal Collection, All Rights Reserved.

    Jerusalem, Jordan, and the Jews

    Article Courtesy: Israel Hayom

    The Palestinian Authority and Hamas famously deny any historic or religious connection of Jews to Jerusalem. To cite one example, Ikrima Sabri, the city’s mufti, announced in 2001 that “There is not the smallest indication of the existence of a Jewish temple on this place in the past. In the whole city, there is not even a single stone indicating Jewish history.” This bizarre fraud, Itamar Marcus has explained, is based on a simple switch: Take authentic Jewish history, “documented by thousands of years of continuous literature,” cross out the word Jewish and replace it with Arab.

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  • Jerusalem organization mobilizes to help during coronavirus pandemic
    Wonderful job :: Unity, love and respect during a very challenging time…

    Illustrative Photo Credit: Christian Haugen [License]

    Jerusalem united like never before

    Article Courtesy: Shai Doron, President of the Jerusalem Foundation via The Jewish Chronicle

    Sometimes, in times of crisis, we discover strength and depth of meaning that during our regular routine we don’t know exist. This is indeed what happened to me as the Corona crisis unfolded in Jerusalem and across the globe.
    It seemed to me that Jerusalem would be the most complicated city in Israel for crisis management: the largest city in the country, the most complex and most sensitive; a city in which every community is a world unto itself that does not interact with the outside world or with each other.

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  • Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Reaches Across the Divide
    Israel works continuously and tirelessly to bring peace and unity to Jerusalem. It is not an easy task given the very real security concerns, especially when heart wrenching and difficult situations come up as they did last week. Officials from across the Israeli spectrum will continue to fight toward this goal to Israel’s eternal unified capital. This article shares more…

    Illustrative Photo By: Randall Niles [License]

    Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi Visits Parents of Special Needs Arab Man Mistakenly Killed by Police

    Article Courtesy: Jewish Press

    Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern, on Tuesday, paid a condolence visit to the parents of Iyad Halak, an Arab man with Special Needs who was shot and lilled by police stationed at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday morning after he was erroneously suspected of attempting to carry out an attack.
    Stern arrived with Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and council member Fleur Hassan-Nahoum at the family’s mourning tent in Wadi Jose in eastern Jerusalem.
    The rabbi said he was coming with a message of peace and reconciliation and expressed his pain over the loss of Iyad’s life.

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